Ludovica from Italy – international student profile

September 16, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Ciao. Me chiamo Ludovica, vengo da
Roma, et studio giornalismo alla Middlesex University Since I was 15, I
always wanted to be a journalist, and so, I was looking for
different options. I came for an open day, and I loved it. I love the campus, I love
the people. There are loads of amazing facilities, literally everything you need
to have to become a journalist, and I was like, “Yes. This is
where I want to be.” Since my first day, I felt right at home.
An ambassador came and picked me up, and I lived in the halls, and it’s thank
you to the orientation program that I made friends on my first few days. There is,
like, so much going on here at Middlesex. I am the president of the journalism
society, I am an editor of the university magazine, but then, as well as the fact
that Middlesex is in London. Of course, there are loads of
opportunities just to go out and have fun. Go to museums, attend concerts. Well,
yeah, there are loads of things to do. So, studying in the UK is very
different from back home, first of all because it’s very practical. In this course I had the chance just to
learn a lot of things by actually doing them, as well as a proper connection with
the lecturers, so you really feel that you’re part of something. You’re not just
a number, and they see your improvements, and they’re always open to give you
feedback. And of course, it’s shorter, because it’s just three years, and in
three years, you can actually get a job in the industry. If you are even just
thinking about it, just come, because it’s the best choice I’ve ever
made, and yeah, it’s just a great place to study, a great environment because of all
the opportunities you can get, so yeah. Just come.