Laura from Spain – international student profile

September 15, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Me llamo Laura. Soy de Valencia, España, y
estudiando Master de Relaciones Internacionales en Universidad de
Middlesex. In Spain, I studied translation, and now, I wanted to continue
my studies in international relations, as it gave me the skills and the
knowledge required to work in an international organization. I decided to
come to Middlesex because of its great reputation and because it’s one of the
most cosmopolitan and innovative universities in this country, but also,
when I saw the campus and all the facilities we have here, it’s very modern
and has everything. The facility all students love and value
most is the library. It’s open 24 hours, and we got free printing, free laptop
loan, and lots of support. In Spain, we do a lot of theory, and here,
we do theory, but also practice. We’re always doing debates, and we feel
like we are working in real international organization, also because
of the diversity we have in the class. My favorite thing about the UK is the
diversity of cultures. I have friends from Colombia, Slovenia, France, and other
parts of the UK. I’m always learning so much about other cultures. The best
thing of that is that I never feel as an outsider with them because I know that
everyone is in the same situation as me. If there’s any Spanish considering
studying at Middlesex, I would recommend to come here and make the most of it,
attend all the social activities organized and especially, meet as many
people as they can. When I leave university, I would like to
work in some international organization such as the UN and contribute, in some
way, to the process of making this world a better place to live. ♪ [music] ♪