Karyna Yoong, kickboxing international student

September 24, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Hi my name is Karyna. I’m a psychology
major at San Diego State and I’m from Malaysia. I got into kickboxing as more
of like for fitness and you know as a sport for fun I don’t know I just really
enjoyed it and from training like twice a week I started training like three
times a week four times a week after a long day or after a long week when
you’re at the bag when you’re like you know doing punches and kicks like you
just feel good about yourself things really changed when I started kickboxing
I think it just gave me that confidence that I was actually you know I could do
something and actually be good at it I have actually competed in the world
kickboxing Championships in Hainan China in 2014 and I was against the German
team representing my country Malaysia that was a really really good experience
and one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life
I think I’ll be kickboxing till like I don’t know probably the end of my life
or like till I can’t you know kick box anymore I’ve applied it to every aspect
of my life in the professional world in you know my studies in school
I think with the confidence that I’ve gained from kickboxing and you know just
the mental strength aspect of it it’s really helped me throughout my life and
I think anything’s achievable if you put your mind to it