Is College Enrollment on the Decline?

October 8, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

College campuses in
the United States were known for up to 21
million students walking around,
but as of Fall 2014, 812,069 fewer
people have enrolled. The data shows that the
schools that don’t have as much college
enrollment are community colleges and
for-profit universities. U.S. Under Secretary
of Education Ted Mitchell stated
that college enrollment is
declining because Americans are going
back to work after possible improvement
in the economy. But is it really
that simple? Much of this decline
comes from the price of tuition increasing,
and many people in the country feel that
America needs to do whatever it can to
give students from low-income families
and minorities better access to
higher education. Skylar Spencer, a
high school senior, is the class president
in a school that is located in one of the
poorest neighborhoods in New York City and
she says that she has struggled to find
funds for college. After her mother
lost her job, she’s been afraid
that she won’t be able to go to
college in the Fall.