IPSE Partners – Simon Best, Middlesex University

August 27, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

For us IPSE was the best option for us,
we like very much what they do around self-employment, we have a large number
of students that go into self-employment and we felt that the sorts of services,
the structure, the way they interact with us is without doubt probably one of the
best things that have happened to the enterprise to the Enterprise Development Hub at Middlesex. We have a project called the Enterprise
Development Hub and the focus of this hub is to enable students to look seriously at becoming self-employed we’ve done a lot of research around the
future of work, what’s going to happen to students what sorts of things they’re
going to be doing in t he future and self-employment is going to be a very,
very big part of their lives so we’ve set up the Enterprise Development Hub; we provide mentoring sessions, we run workshops, we run competitions, now we
have partnered with IPSE, we’re getting them involved in projects with IPSE as well We have only been a partner for one year, but already we have a number of directions that we want to move in with
IPSE the first one is that we’ve already
started is that IPSE comes on campus and runs a number of workshops for us,
particularly about getting started as a self-employed person within the
framework of IPSE’s sort of mission and the other areas I sit on the IPSE
education board, so we would like to work with them to see how can we take
enterprise, entrepreneurship, self-employment into schools and into
other areas other than just through Middlesex University.