International Students in Viborg, Denmark

September 30, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Continuously international students from
more than 100 countries worldwide come to study in Vyborg Denmark right now
students from all over the world invest a central part of their youth here and
arrive to study animation greentech nursing social science etc at different
levels from PhD to ma ba ap and shorter courses we’ve asked some of the
international students about their expectations and experiences on coming
here so for me it’s like I liked reborg from the beginning two years ago and I
really think it’s a really nice City and like the international community is like
growing and growing hoping for a more research focus pastry program its
Denmark from the spinach is like a reference you get to also meet different
people students and non-students from all part of the world it’s cool and you
feel good to talk to people and you are not afraid of people I think it’s it’s
happiness Denmark is really good at like social things and stuff like that
they’re really you’re not up to date but it comes to a
social innovation school you really know how to work with the team you you’re
confident in your and your skills a good experience to see what to see how the
healthcare system works over here and compare it to back home in Australia to
see the differences in the similarities and yeah just to get a bit more worldly
experience and find out some more skills that I can take home and implement back
in my studies back in Australia so and obviously the schools gave us the best
conditions start here and you know we’re starting out in life I see it as a place
that is very good for safe families because a lot of the patients didn’t
have their families with them but it’s also a place where you can really grow
as an individual your art and your craft and the people here is just amazing I’ve
never felt like an outsider especially you know work-life balance and stuff
like that then definitely Denmark is a place to be