International students at Grenoble Institute of Technology – in english

September 8, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Hello! My name is Tao Zhang. I come from Tianjin, China. When I finished my bachelor’s degree in China in 2006, I decided to go to France to continue my graduate studies. I spent 3 years in “classe prepa”. Now I study electrical engineering and computer science in Grenoble Institute of Technology. The first time I knew this Institute, I was fascinated by the gorgeous landscape of Grenoble and the research and scientific environment around. The work conditions are excellent for students. I have also the opportunity to have dual Master with its international program. I chose Grenoble because it is a University town There are about with 65000 students Many of them, about 10% I think, are international students. During work days, we can study so many interesting things about science but also learn another language and do sport. I started to learn German and play fencing this year. Out of school, you can always find something to do. There are so many activities in our campus. As an international student, I can tell you, you will never feel lonely in Grenoble! In fact, I would recommend coming here to my friends because it is an excellent engineering school You have the access to so many famous and modern labs The practical working and the teaching quality are brilliant You will never regret your student life in Grenoble. Thanks to its historical international program, I intend to go to Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany for a dual master. In the future, I see myself having a French – German – Chinese international career Perhaps an ambassador of Grenoble Institute of Technology, why not? Grenoble INP – Grenoble Institute of Technology