International student testimonial – Social Work, Humanities and Social Sciences at FedUni

September 30, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

I chose Fed Uni for my Masters of Social Work
qualifying at Mt Helen Campus. It has a
very interesting curriculum which integrates theory, practice and research. As an international student we got great support
from the support team at the University. For the best part of my classes that, you
know, people work together and as social workers it’s very important to work in unity. I love studying in a regional area because
it gives me the opportunity to explore the countryside. It’s very beautiful. That is something which motivates me every
day when I come to the campus. I’m a volunteer with YMCA and the community
engagement and youth development department. I get opportunities to work with one of the
wonderful staff there who gives me ample amount of exposure to how to work
in communities. I think and believe that there are great opportunities
at FedUni. Every day when I come to
the campus there is so much here to learn and develop myself for the future I believe