International Student Struggles

August 20, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

yes finally my dream came true nothing is better than a tiger like me studying in the u.s. nevertheless I have a communication major – how lucky I am oh my life is so good except for this damn cold weather yeah Sunday feel coed or do use these people having a conversation with an American can be awkward I can never pronounce this name correctly the oh you too Tina its Doug oh okay so it’s yeah no um think of it like Doug as in you dug something out okay yeah like that uh Tina how many times do we have to go through this it’s Doug now I was always like yeah and end with a G my dad Doug okay close enough hey does about that word time at least this week if talking to one person is not awkward enough here comes another one I can amplify the right moment to speak out my homie I had a little bit of difficulty with it how would you I know thing here I have this necessity to try to get through so well for me it’s 13 to 26 well there’s so much and when one of them finally decided to talk to me it’s either too fast either understand what do you think about some sharks and musical piece yeah yes sure oh it’s when I write you start paying attention on what they are say were you going to say from kathena nothing nothing Oh anyway with the new piece that we’ve also got I’d have to say we I gotta go so see you guys weekend I know we should probably get more did you say something I don’t know Yugi and since I was raised in Thailand we’re not s picked on time I am always a little late to class have x squared plus one over X cubed plus two times X to the fourth one day I asked my mind put this and it ended up like this do you do you have a wrapper um I mean a wrapper Oh an eraser no sorry oh yeah eraser in Thailand we use British English where this is called a wrapper but in America this is called an eraser so you know what I mean a wrapper stands for something totally different in America yes sir Tina I’m not Tina and she’s Tina yeah and that happened a lot people always think all Asian girls look like me and I did not pay attention again what am I going to do and that dude behind me he’s going to remember me as a rubber girl who sucks at math oh my god I don’t want to discuss my family but let me reveal you a secret why Asians are good at math a lot me question like this usually ends up with the answer is zero all one so I’m gonna go with one correct great job judge King I don’t understand why people think we look the same I mean while we both have black hair fair skin almond shaped eyes black nose same height and pink eye phones we don’t look the same also she is small : I am Thai way different oh hey dog I’m a dog release this locked up I thought it was me I mean all white people look the same yeah true yeah hi guys thank you for watching and if you wanted to find out if I still do all that you can breathe down here and if you want to watch our previous videos you can click on the link here don’t forget to subscribe we are uploading a video every week and replies are coming up right now don’t whine all right yeah I hope that’s fine Oh cut there’s no car can you tell me the answer Tina this is a rapist yeah it’s wrong screen oh yes correct good job she saying something about the Sharps in the music piece I think so you can talk like I’m not here we’re gonna show something you know were you going to say from the Tina oh he no no he’s an awesome camera and say I’m not at all I’m still gibberish if you know you’re you talk oh gosh I know what I’m saying honey a red guy lives in the red house the yellow dollars in the red yellow house of blue guy lives in the blue house who lives in the White House a white guy no president I can actually copy