International Student Orientation Bechtel International Center

September 16, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

My name is Matthew Hall. I am from London, England and my flight was 10 hours 32 minutes My flight was eleven hours My flight was eleven hours long, enough to watch three films My name is Nev and I am from Turkey My flight was twelve hours And my flight was also twelve hours because we came in the same flight I got some sheets, hangers I got some supplies including a calendar..uh. She helps me pick ..what is this… some light bulbs There wasn’t any bikes left otherwise we would have gotten one We love the campus. Suddenly my daughter, she was probably fourteen, she said “One day I will be a student here” My daughter is actually quite international. So I think that’s the other thing about Stanford that’s fabulous Calm campus environment, that is why I decided to come here