International Student Network Göttingen [w/ subtitles EN/DE]

September 2, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

I’m from Iran. Aidelaide in Australia. I’m from Rome. Finland. Sydney in Australia. Brazil. UK. I’m from France. Hi, I am Chiara and my name is Thomas and we are the founders of ISN Göttingen. ISN stands for International Student Network. The motivation behind this is trying to bring international students in Göttingen together with German students as well as help them connect among each other and offer things that the university’s International Offive cannot provide for example more city trips, field trips or evening events anything that is not possible for the university to organize. We went on a bike tour to the Weser, we hiked up the „Brocken“ and we had smaller events here, like an international pub quiz. We have been to Nuremberg, Hamburg, München, Hannover those were the bigger cities… Yes, this is my first trip with ISN, so I’m really excited to be here; really having a great time. I like… Hamburg… a lot! The coolest experience for me was seeing a grandma, like 70 years old, poledancing. This was the first time in my life and I think the last time. Today, we did a city tour, and learned about Hamburg’s history Then we had something to eat and went shopping a little. Cappuccino, schnitzel… it is always important what you eat! Schnitzel? – Yeah, schnitzel! So, we start every semester with a semester-welcome-party for the students so that they can get to know each other;
they come to Göttingen and think there is not really a community here, how will I meet people? And this welcome party is a nice way to get to know everyone. Achievements that we have experienced so far is for example when people tell us after the events
Hey, what a great trip! A while ago, we got a whatsapp message two weeks after our Hamburg trip
saying: I really want to thank you for the amazing time with you and this made us really happy! Or when you see 20 people changing their profile picture to Schloss Neuschwanstein because we went there with them – that feels great! It’s been a really good way to meet people, I think
There’s been a lot of great activities. Wonderful, really great people and cool activities, low prices – all good! I think it’s a great group! Volunteering is always a great thing to do. I appreciate it, as a foreign student, that someone takes care of me – so, thank you! We were kind of missing this international flair in Göttingen. Of course, we invest a lot of time into this, but it is also a lot of fun. You get to meet so many new people, and interesting stories. After one weekend, you’ve heard 40 new stories from people who are doing something completely different from you or who come from very different places and circumstances. It’s really fascinating! We meet once a week to organize and plan everything. Everyone has their tasks – of course their is also financial stuff – but mainly we organize the events there. In the beginning, it was difficult to get new members, how do you become known to people, when you’re such a small group? So, we had to make ourselves known and find new members. But now there is 18 of us and we started out with just 4 – It’s going well! So, If you want to join us, you can just send us a facebook message, you find us under International Student Network Göttingen and we’re always open to welcome new members. We are 18 people from very different fields of study. At the moment we are for example looking for a law student who knows about association law, but everyone is welcome! And if you are an international student who wants to take part in our events, just look up International Student Network Göttingen on facebook; you’ll find us and our events there.