International Student Experience

October 1, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

My name is Noor Aladdin. A representative from Illinois College came to our school back home she talked about Illinois College and what the college has to offer to its potential students, and international students in specific. And a college town is not something you can find in Jordan, and since we come from the capital, of course the city life is way different than a college town life So my twin and I said to ourselves that this is an experience that we have to go through, so we actually went and we had a few friends there that encouraged us We ended up coming here, and really liked it and liked the overall vibe it gives. Its so nice how everything is close to each other from restaurants to coffee shops—etc. So its all fun, specially that downtown Chicago is 3 hours away which is very manageable. Another interesting thing is the student faculty ratio which is 16:1 this means that you are are just a percentage or and estimate You are known by your name and what you give to this community, this itself motivates you to love the university even more and more My name is Aya Aladdin. When my twin and I were looking for universities to apply for, we wanted to go to big universities So we applied to different universities in different parts of the world, but at the end of the day we knew we wanted to get the actual American experience, and our parents encouraged us. So after that we went and applied for different universities in the United States and one of the days Illinois College representative came to our school back home and told us about Illinois College, its programs..etc so we knew a lot about the college by then. By this time were taking the IB system for our senior year, and this system by itself is exhausting and we barely had any time to apply for more universities or even do the SATS Fortunately, Illinois College told us they will waiver the SATS for us because of the IB system we have been through. In fact we applied and got the acceptance, got the IB credits, and instead of going in as freshmen, we were ahead of our class by one semester So this was something really good, that played to our advantage big time. I recommend everyone who is looking to have this experience, want to study in the US..etc. Illinois College is the college for you