International Student Affairs

October 4, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

my name is Anne Mongillo and I’m the
director of International Student Affairs. So the most important thing that
we want for students is that they feel welcome here we realize that it’s the
first time that they’ve probably been in the United States and we really
understand that there are a lot of adjustments that they go through so we
want to make those things a little bit easier for them with first year students
they are especially nervous about immigration and we’re here to help them
with that we want to make sure that they keep their immigration status valid and
we want to be able to answer any of the questions they have about their
immigration status it’s something that we really enjoy doing to helping the
students with we have with international orientation we have a program called
Global Mentors this is a peer Alliance initiative that
we have and what we do is we match up the first year student with someone who
is a peer mentor or someone who is either a domestic or international
student who can help show the ropes help them navigate Hofstra and make me feel
comfortable and they can ask lots of questions about things like social
activities about academics about anything that has to do with being a
student at Hofstra. My advice to a parent would be to trust their student their
student is going to be able to use a lot of resources that they’ll find at
Hofstra we’re not going to leave them alone all they have to do is ask and if
they don’t ask for help will often offer that help to them our office is located
on the second floor of Roosevelt Hall and you’ll also find us from time to
time in the Student Center atrium with tabeling and we have lots of different
events that we hold throughout the semester things like home away from home
which is a session that students can attend to talk about different ways of
adjusting culturally to being at Hofstra and in the United States students can
reach us that international at Hofstra edu and they can call us at (516) 436-6796