Immersive and Professional Diploma Programs (PDP) Online Information Session

October 2, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Hello! And welcome to the UC Berkeley Extension International
department’s Immersive and Professional Diploma Programs online information session. I am Dr. Frederick Wehrle and I am the director
of these international programs here at UC Berkeley Extension. During the next 30 minutes, I’m going to tell
you about the wonderful academic and intercultural experience you can have with our Immersive
and Professional Diploma Programs. I’ll start by talking about UC Berkeley and
Berkeley Extension, then talk about the semester-long immersive study options, the one-year diploma
study option, and the various subject areas you can learn about to jump-start or enhance
your career. I will later talk about the available internships
and Optional Practical Training, the activities you can take advantage of outside of the classroom
and then finally how you can apply to be part of this wonderful study-abroad program. If you have any questions during this presentation,
go ahead and send them in; we’ll do our best to answer your questions as I go through the
presentation. UC Berkeley is located in California, which
is on the West Coast of the United States. In California, UC Berkeley is located next
to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the world’s leading center of innovation and technology. UC Berkeley was founded in 1868 and since
then we’ve been guided by our motto Fiat Lux: Let there be light! Indeed, we consider it our duty to bring new
knowledge to light—for a brighter future for everyone across the globe. For the past few years, UC Berkeley has been
ranked the #1 public university by U.S. News and World Report, by the Academic Ranking
of World Universities by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and by the World Reputation Rankings
by Times Higher Education in the UK. We are also #4 on the Best Global University
Rankings. For more than 30 years we’ve shared these
achievements and our world-class education to a global community of students. Today, 24% or 10,000 of our students come
from countries outside of the United States! And these students are coming from 92 different
countries across the globe. UC Berkeley has 14 colleges and schools. UC Berkeley Extension, which offers the immersives
and Professional Diploma Programs, is one of the oldest academic departments within
UC Berkeley and in charge of interdisciplinary education for professionals Since 1891, our mission is to teach junior
and senior professionals how to apply the latest innovations and leading trends from
research and industry in their jobs. Not surprisingly, we are very successful,
with more than 30,000 enrolled professionals at Extension! If you want to learn from world leading Berkeley
academics and Silicon Valley experts to accelerate or change your career, our professional programs
are open to you! We will provide you with in-depth practical
skills and learning that you can apply to your current position or a new job in the
workplace. To describe our education, students say: At
UC Berkeley Extension, you don’t study to learn, you study to understand. You’ll take classes at either our Berkeley
Campus, close to the old campus, or at our new Creative-Campus in downtown San Francisco,
in the heart of the East Cut, the fastest-growing and most exciting new neighborhood in the
city, only steps away from Google, LinkedIn, DocuSign, and several startup accelerators. So let’s talk more in detail about the Immersive
and Professional Diploma Programs. These programs offer the most advanced methodologies
in applied education. We offer:
– Project based learning on cases from Silicon Valley companies
– Small interactive, intercultural and intergenerational classes
– Business simulations and capstone projects – Engaging lecturers who interact with learners
as professionals – Frequent expert guest speakers from research
and industry – Company and lab visits, networking events,
expert panel discussions – Expert seminars, conferences and workshops
– And internship opportunities If you studied at a university, university
of applied sciences, business or engineering school, polytechnic or technical university,
you can apply for a semester or a year at UC Berkeley extension after 3 years of study
or after finishing a degree. If you are a young or senior working professional
interested in advancing or changing your career, the Immersive and Professional Diploma Programs
offer you world-class, Berkeley-quality education in the subject areas that Silicon Valley is
most known for: – User Experience and User Interface Design
– Project and Agile Management – Digital Marketing
– of course Entrepreneurship and – A.I. Engineering, Machine Learning
– Business Administration and Management In addition, we invest in your success by
providing you with personalized career advising, professional development workshops, company
visits and recruiter events. Our programs adapt to your needs, in length
and in choice of courses: You can study with us for one semester, which
is about four months. Each semester-long study option is called
an Immersive Program. You can either study in the Fall semester,
which starts in August and ends in December. Or, you can study with us for the Spring semester,
which starts in January and ends in May. After you complete one semester of study,
you’ll receive a certificate and you’ll be eligible to apply for an internship. You can also combine two Immersive Programs,
one after the other. If you are looking for more specialization
or specific courses to transfer back to your home university, you can take elective courses
from over 6 different disciplines. If you are looking for a complete academic
year of study with us, you can complete two Immersive Programs and add 4 specialization
electives from a variety of subjects that match your academic and career goals. At the end of these two semesters of study,
you’ll receive a Professional Diploma Program certificate and you’ll have the opportunity
to apply for an internship or an Optional Practical Training, OPT. I’ll talk more about internships and OPT in
a later slide. So let’s talk more about the 1 semester Immersive
study options. For any Immersive Program, you’ll take four
core courses, worth 8 credits, in the desired subject area. For example, you would take four courses specifically
about User Experience or four courses on User Interface Design. Or you would take four courses about Project
Management. In these four core courses, you’re gaining
real-world, practical knowledge and operational competences in that subject area. We will immerse you in the fascinating and
empowering professional Ecosystem of Silicon Valley and San Francisco. We make it our mission to empower you to talk
and connect with Silicon Valley and Berkeley personalities, to discuss topics that are
important to you and to your future. In our Career Development Program you will
participate in professional seminars to prepare you for meetings with experts, researchers,
influencers and company leaders. You will be introduced to amazing people and
personalities in expert panel events and during company and lab visits. You will also receive career coaching from
qualified business professionals, training in interview and presentation skills, as well
as resume and LinkedIn profile writing. At the end of the one-semester of study, you’ll
receive a certificate celebrating your achievement and you will be eligible to apply for an internship. Now, let’s focus on the academic-year Professional
Diploma Program, which combines two one-semester Immersive Programs. Here, you can add electives that allow you
to specialize in a certain subject area that matches your interests and career goals. You can build on a single Immersive Program
with the Professional Diploma Program. So if you want to dive even deeper into a
subject area, you can study a whole academic year with us. You’ll take the core courses from each Immersive
Program, which would be a total of 8 core courses. You also have the opportunity to add specialization
electives, which can be chosen from various disciplines and allow you to gain in-depth
expertise in a field that is relevant to your academic and professional career. These electives are optional. You’ll also take our Career Development course. At the end of your two semesters, you will
have the opportunity to take part in an internship and apply to OPT at companies in Silicon Valley
or the San Francisco Bay Area or anywhere in the U.S. Now I’m sure many of you are interested in
doing an internship after you’ve completed one of our Immersive programs. To qualify for an internship, you must complete
at least 1 semester of study and then be available to work for four months within a company in
the U.S. You’ll see firsthand how U.S. businesses runs,
which will give you a competitive advantage in the workforce. When you apply for the internship, you’ll
work closely with a coordinator who will guide you through each step. You’ll attend an orientation, participate
in a company fair to meet prospective employers, create a résumé and develop your interviewing
skills. You’ll then put those new skills to use in
a real interview for the internship. Another opportunity for work is with optional
practical training, or commonly called OPT, which is a 12 months work authorization. OPT is only available for students who complete
at least 2 semesters of study, which means in total you would be able to study and work
for almost 2-years in the United States. You’ll be spending a lot of time inside the
classroom learning exciting new subjects and outside of the classroom working on your projects
and preparing classes. But we want to make sure that you get to experience
the life in the San Francisco Bay Area to the fullest. With our Cultural and Personal Development
Program, we support you to sight-see our beautiful city and state. Indeed, from Berkeley you can easily take
public transportation to get to San Francisco where you can hop on a streetcar,
shop in Union Square, take in a baseball game or wander around our
culturally diverse neighborhoods. Or, if you’re interested in visiting Los Angeles
or Southern California, we’re only an hour plane ride away! We have an entire office dedicated to supporting
our students. We’re there each step of the way to help you—from
the application process to your time at Berkeley and after your program ends. Our goal is that your Berkeley experience
is positive, safe, fun and productive. Our Welcome Week is an integral part of your
international experience and allows you to make new friendships and learn how to work
in intercultural, intergenerational teams. Part of the week is orientation, where you
go over program requirements, receive your class schedule and meet our staff. In addition, you receive important information
about medical insurance, visa documents, traveling and more. We also provide you with a range of services,
including: ● On-site academic advising
● Help to understand your health insurance plan
● Student visa advising ● Housing advice and support
● Program and academic orientation ● Résumé and interview workshops
● Internship advising ● And graduate admissions workshops Outside of the classroom there are many fun
activities waiting for you: You can for example ride a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge
and have a picnic with your friends on the beach. San Francisco is known for its diversity and
there are so many multicultural areas that are great to visit, wander around and try
new foods. California has so much to do and enjoy! In just a two-hour drive, you could be hiking
in the mountains or playing at the beach. If you’re interested in visiting Los Angeles
and Hollywood, that’s only a one-hour plane flight away. Many of you may be wondering, “Where am
I going to live?” And that’s a very important question. We have a variety of housing options that
are very close to campus where you’ll be taking courses. Some students rent private or shared apartments. Some students prefer homestays. We have staff members who can help you determine
and select the right housing option for your needs and your budget. We estimate that you’ll be spending around
$10,500 per semester on your housing. Your housing cost is not included in the overall
program cost. Again, we have a team who will help you find
the right housing option for you and that best fits your budget. Another question I get asked a lot from students
is how much does the program cost. The total cost is $11,000 US dollars per semester. This is the same price for American and international
students. Don’t forget that housing is not included
in the cost. But we estimate that housing will cost about
$10,500 per semester. So for one semester of studying with us, that
would be $21,500 U.S. dollars. If you want to do both semesters of studying
to receive a Professional Diploma, the cost for your courses would be $22,000. Again, this does not include the cost of housing. It also does not include the cost of electives
if you wish to add those to your educational experience with us. Electives vary by price, but in general they
are around $1,000 dollars each. We do offer scholarships. Each scholarship is for a maximum of $3,000
and you do need to apply for the scholarship at the same time as you apply for the program. To apply for the scholarship, you’ll need
to submit an online application, where you upload your reason for applying and a professional
or academic letter of recommendation. The letter of recommendation could be written
by a colleague, a supervisor or manager. Please apply early, if you want to apply for
a scholarship. Visit our website for more information and
how to apply for the scholarship. So, how to apply for one of our exciting programs? First you need to prepare a Statement of Purpose
specifically for the program you choose. We have very high selection standard and we
are looking for candidates who combine outstanding grades with outstanding personal qualities. Indeed, Berkeley is a place for exceptional
people who want to make a difference in the world and who want their lives to have a positive
impact. In addition to describing your passion, this
essay should include information about your background and academic success, why you’re
interested in the program, and anything else you’d like the admissions committee to know
about you and your ability to succeed as a student. The statement is also a chance for you to
address any anomalies or deficiencies in your educational transcript. As our education is project based, you will
need to be able to communicate fluently with team members who are young and senior professionals
from around the world. The courses are professional and fast paced
and we require therefore a minimum TOEFL iBT score of 90 or IELTS 7. If you have TOEFL 79 to 89 or IELTS 6.5 we
will assess your aptitude to communicate through an oral interview and if you’re admitted,
we will offer you additional English courses to allow you to quickly improve your proficiency. The exception is if you’ve taken at least
a year of full-time curriculum in English. So depending on what country you’re coming
from and what your educational background is, there may be an opportunity to waive the
TOEFL or IELTS. But if you have questions about this, please
reach out to us, let us know your situation and we can let you know if we can waive the
TOEFL or IELTS. You’ll also need to submit a financial statement,
official university transcripts and a copy of your passport. There is also a $200 nonrefundable application
fee that you’ll pay for when you submit your application. The application is entirely online. You will upload your educational and financial
documents and complete the application process electronically. Thank you for submitting your questions, many
of which I’ve been able to answer during the presentation. Here are a few more that have come in. Here’s a question we often get. Do I need an F Visa? Yes, if you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent
resident of the United States, you must obtain an F-1 student visa in order to study at any
of our programs. If you are already in the United States on
a visa that is not an F-1, please contact us to discuss your eligibility. We have dedicated staff members who will help
you through the process and we will issue the paperwork that you need in order to apply
for the f1 visa in your home country. What are the deadlines to apply for these
programs? In general, if you want to study with us in
the fall, you will need to submit your application online by early July. If you want to study with us in the spring,
you will need to submit your application online by mid-November. Visit our website, which lists the most current
application deadlines and the program study dates. Here’s an interesting question. How does the internship work? After you complete one semester of study with
us, you are eligible to apply for an internship that lasts for four months at a company here
in the San Francisco Bay Area. So if you’re interested in doing an internship,
plan on being in the United States for around 9 months total. Internships are a great way to see firsthand
how the U.S. businesses run, which can give you a competitive edge as you enter into the
workforce or apply for grad school. When you apply for the internship, you’ll
work closely with an coordinator on our staff who will guide you through each step. You’ll attend an orientation, participate
in a company fair to meet prospective employers, create a résumé and develop your interviewing
skills. You’ll then put those skills to use in a real
interview for the internship. I want to point out that these are unpaid
internships but a great opportunity to learn from field experts. Time for a few more questions. How do I get more information about these
programs? Coming to this online information session
was a great first start in learning all about our Immersives and Professional Diploma Programs! I encourage you to visit our website, which
will be listed on the last slide. You can read about each of our programs in
various subject areas, the courses you’ll be taking, application deadlines, English-language
requirements, program start dates and more. An opportunity that I encourage you to take
advantage of is setting up a time to speak to our adviser, Thelma Howland. You’ll see a form on our website where you
can request an advising session. Thelma will be able to answer your individual
questions and give you a more in-depth information about the different programs we offer. In addition to receiving personalized academic
advising, you’ll also receive emails about upcoming deadlines, the latest blog posts,
new programs and much more. It’s a great way to stay in touch and up to
date with everything that we’re offering here at UC Berkeley Extension. Time for one last question. I have three years of work experience. Am I eligible for these programs? The answer is yes, absolutely. Working professionals can get a lot out of
taking these programs. They are a great way to get in-depth knowledge
about specific subject areas if you’re interested in changing careers into a new field or want
to learn the latest techniques and tools to advance your career in your current position. By completing one semester of study, you are
eligible to apply for an internship and after two semesters of study you are eligible to
apply for OPT. Both options give you a lot of opportunity
to gain real-world, working skills that you can add to your resume or CV. This will give you a competitive edge as you
continue your professional careers. Well, that’s all the time we have to take
your questions. But if you have any additional questions that
I wasn’t able to answer, here’s my contact information. I would love to hear from you and discuss
how our various programs for international students can fit your educational or professional
goals. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest
filling out our newsletter sign-up form on the website. You’ll receive emails about our programs,
upcoming deadlines and other information. Thank you again for taking the time to learn
about our exciting educational programs. I hope to see you very soon in Berkeley!