I’m an international student in the UK | By Ambre

August 24, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Hi my name is Asmita Ali My name is Andrea I’m Seb I’m Nepalese but I’m from Hong Kong I’m an Italian from Milan I’m French I’m currently doing sociology first year I study sports science with management and I’m in my second year I’m in my second year and I study International Business It wasn’t that hard for me to adjust the
language because I used to go to an American school I already had my classes in English It was a bit different obviously but it
wasn’t that hard Yeah, in the beginning it was hard because I learnt English like every other student in France So, my English was not good! I forced myself to talk to people, so that
way I became fluent in a month maybe To be honest it wasn’t because even
though there’s a lot of diversity in this university, there wasn’t
specifically Nepalese people however, through this society from our school it allowed me to meet with people from my own country It was good because it
gives gave me a sense of solidarity It wasn’t that easy at first but there were
a lot of like societies and for example groups on Facebook where you could meet people and see whether you could find someone from your country To be fair, it was really easy! I thought it was gonna be so difficult when I arrived but actually after like two weeks, I met like 15 French students and so many other international students because I went to the French Society parties and other international parties as well Yes it did help me because it made me
feel like I was in my hometown It’s good to hang out with different
kind of people but at the end like you know you feel a bit more like connected
to your own nationality people You can say so because there were some groups on Facebook for example but I think there are more Italians in the
university that I haven’t met I think there could be a better way to help international students there could be some improvement It’s good to have friends who you can speak your native language with I wouldn’t really regard myself as an
international student because I came to the UK to study when I was 13 years
old so I’ve been here for six years now but as a person who was not actually
British, I would say the difficulties are, when I first came here
my language wasn’t good so therefore the language was a barrier for me back then
but now I don’t find any difficulties Probably the fact that you will
you’re with people that have like different mentalities because you come
from a different country and maybe you have to adapt something I found it really difficult to make friends with English people because they all have different accents and there was
difficult to understand and they also like to stick to themselves so, at the
beginning I didn’t really have a sense of belonging Yes, this tip goes to every student
regardless of you being international or not It’s just to be more confident and talk with everyone make sure you seem more approachable because everyone’s gonna be scared when they first start uni You feel like you won’t make friends but that’s what everyone is thinking as well therefore if you stop talking,
people won’t approach you so it’s very So have a more friendly aura and people will come to you then you don’t have to worry, just work hard, enjoy uni You’re only here for three years it’s gonna pass by quick! That’s what people say I would say that you shouldn’t be too eager to find a group of people, you should be open You will find the right group of people eventually, like friends I think don’t make such a big thing about studying in UK Stay the way you are, make friends, be sociable, be easy going, take it all in!