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October 5, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

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with the best tips out there.Today we are going to be talking about staying safe in
the UK. My name’s Trish from Settle In, now when studying in the UK you should always
prioritise your personal safety and there are three places you can do this. You can
do this at home, when you’re out and about and online. First up, staying safe at home
now in the UK all student accommodation must follow rules and regulations to ensure that
students are safe at all times. This includes smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors
and quality locks on your front door and all bedroom doors. You should check to see if
all your doors and windows are fitted correctly and check to see if there are any hazards
in the place such as fire hazards, mould, pests or any dangerous structures. If you
spot any of theses you should contact the university if you are living in halls, your
landlord if you are living in shared accommodation and maintenance if you are living in private
accommodation. Another tip is to make sure that your belongings are stored somewhere
safe, especially important things like passports and travel documents, cash and expensive items.
Next up, we’re going to be talking about how to stay safe while you are out and about.
Exploring the sites and the nightlife in the UK is definitely something you don’t want
to miss out on. But you should always know who you are with and you should always tell
someone where you’re going. This could be a friend, a housemate, or a loved one. If
you ever feel uncomfortable or unsafe, police officers in the UK are very approachable,
so you can always report anything suspicious. You can also talk to campus security if you
ever feel unsafe at university. It’s also a good idea to save emergency contacts into
your phone and depending on the extremity of your situation you can call 999 for emergency
services. Another tip is that you should always have a plan of where you’re gonna go, when
you will be somewhere, who you will be with and transport routes. Especially if you’re
alone, you can also download maps and travel apps on your phone so you know where you are
at all times. When you are out and about do not use transport that is unauthorised. It’s
best to book and use transport through trusted companies and local services. Finally if you’re
going on a night out watch how much you drink and always keep an eye on it. Never leave
it unattended, our piece of advice is that if you don’t want to drink, you don’t have
to. Now if you remember all of these things you can go out and have fun with piece of
mind. Next we’re going to be talking about how to stay safe online. Now to stay safe
online you can download anti-virus programs on your computer. You would hate to lose all
your hard work becuase of a pesky virus, nightmare! And social networks like Facebook, Twitter
and Instagram are great for meeting new people and staying connected with new friends, but
do take care of your personal information and don’t give out important details like
bank details and passport information. Like anywhere else on the internet you can be at
risk of identity fraud and catfishing. And finally be careful with how you spend your
money online, if you find yourself about to make an online transaction and you think ooh,
this website’s a bit weird. Don’t risk it! For more information about banking in the
UK we have a blog on our website, link down below. So that’s our quick roundup of tips
to stay safe while studying in the UK, for a more thorough breakdown you can visit our
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