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October 13, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

what’s up elites and accessories its criteria welcome to another video from central Phenix today we’re going to do a special video for all you viewers that keep saying we need to do something a little easier for the beginners out there so today we’re going to do how to start calisthenics and less than one pull-up let’s master those products [Applause] alright so let’s get started so today we’re going to be covering how to start calisthenics and for the first lesson its mastering the pull-up now if you’ve never been able to do a pull-up if you’ve never even tried you’ll pull up if you’ve never worked out before or if you have been working out but you still can’t manage the dual pull-up or even if you can pull up but you still find yourself like swinging and moving around this video right here is going to help you we’re going to break down the pull up into progressional stages so it’s not so incriminating so let me show you the first step right here now this step is called Australian pull-ups your grandma could do this your mom could do this anybody could do this moves because what makes this move difficult is the angle and the position of your body you see if you get a bar that’s waist height and you can find this in the gym by the Smith machine you can just pull the bar down you can find this on the side of some parallel bars you want to find a low bar and this is where you’re going to do this move now an Australian pull-up looks like this you want to be straight from your heel to your shoulder and you want to pull up to your chest non down like this and not up like this perfectly straight everything is tight that’s symmetrical now what makes this move difficult is the angle in once you start doing this so if you can’t do it all the way at the bottom you can start with a higher angle from here start flowing come here just make sure your body is straight and then you can develop that pulling strength and go lower until you can do it properly and go all the way down okay now naturally most people have the strength that at least do one from the bottom like that one Australian pull up and if you can do more great if you are there perfect let’s keep going and if you can’t even do one yet just focus on holding that move and if you can’t hold the move focus on coming down hold then go back up again and also focus on doing some at a higher angle like this now we’re going to introduce something that’s going to increase your repetitions from here different grips why grip shoulder-width and close these different grips are going to have you accessing different muscles that you wouldn’t normally be targeting because of the different grips and these different grips are going to not only strengthen your back and your biceps in the areas that you wouldn’t normally be hitting them but also it’s going to get you really used to the pulling movement it’s not just strength that gets you good at pull-ups for pulling it’s also a technique when you realize how to use the technique you’re going to be able to do more reps and when you can do more reps with the technique you’re gonna get stronger since you’re doing more reps now I’m going to show you guys what that looks like so we’re going to get down to our Australian pull-up and we’re going to start with that shoulder width this is what shoulder width looks like this is wide and at the beginning you’re going to ask how wide can you go as wide as you can comfortably in order to do it properly and then this is closed you want to focus on these three grips at the beginning so if you can only do one rep or three reps you’ll do that one rep close then you’ll do one rep shoulder-width and then one rep wide if you can only do three reps before you max out then you just do three reps till you can’t go anymore wide so you can’t go any more and then close until you can’t go anymore so that right there is like a mental thing right there normally you would gas out and you would give up after your three rep corrupt your one rep or however many reps you do but instead of just stopping and waiting until you have the energy to go again you stop and you go to the next one and you do the same number it’s got to go to the next one so instead of doing three reps you ended up doing nine because there’s three grips all right but before we move on let me show you how to activate your body and your scapula when you’re doing this move the technique like I was mentioning earlier so the technique and to Australian pull-up is there’s three gears and it starts with the scapula position pulling in from the back and then the arms and then you’re going to finish off with the grip and your forearms to bring it really close now if you focus on these three gears one two and then three you’re going to get a lot better at this polling technique you’re going to be able to do a lot more reps and you’re going to get a lot stronger and you’re going to be able to move on to the next progression assume being able to do real pull-ups you see this is what people should be doing when instead you see them doing kipping pull-ups and swinging around when they’re doing pull-ups the only reach is in there they’re swinging around and kipping is because they can’t keep their body straight they don’t have the strength to do this move actually properly so if you increase your technique on your Australian pull-ups you’re real pull-ups are going to look super perfect super perfect all right now you want to get those wide as many as you can shoulder width and then close so as you can see you try to increase that number that you normally would max out at so eventually once you do why to learn clothes and if your max was three it’s going to transfer four or five within a couple days and then you’re doing five three by three and then six thirty by three by that time you’ll already be doing pull-ups but let’s keep going with the progression all right so before we move on there’s one more technique I want to show you to apply and these y grips and this next technique that I’m going to show you you want to take these techniques with you everywhere whether you’re doing push-ups or pull-ups and what are you doing them on Australian bars or the actual pull-up bar alright so this next one is about isometric hold and the negative fold so on your last rep right you’re going to hold it at the top when you can’t do any more reps after that when you can’t hold it any longer you’re going to come down as slow as you can and then you’re going to drop you want to try to do this with every single grip position so you can do it with the wide one two three on your last one hold it as long as you can when you can anymore come down slow then move on for the next one [Music] hold come out slow and then three [Music] now there are so many benefits for this for example normally when people finish working out do their last rep ah and they gas out and they give up boom and then they just wait until they’re good again just oodles reps again and more than likely it’s not going to be the same amount of reps anyway so when you add isometric hold into your last rep you’re hanging on more than the average person would so if you can’t do another rep of course you’re not going to do it with bad form but you’re going to hold on and you’re going to keep that muscle activated you’re going to create that time under tension and this is going to give you real strength and when you can’t hold on anymore again normally people will just let go and give up but not you not that a caste we’re going to keep that muscle under tension so we can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t boom and then let’s go you exert the muscle all the way till the end complete complete complete failure normally people say they change the failure it’s not sure if you’re not doing stuff like that you’re not training to failure alright so you want to apply this with different grip and then the isometric holds and they’re coming all the way down now you want to practice these moves and get your reps up when you can do about six each hold it and then come down you’re ready to move on to the next progression and the next direction right here into a real pull-up bar so now you’re developing some real pulling strength but as you can see this pull-up bar is a different position from the Australian and you’re actually using your own weight now you’re coming up through here now what I want you to do is use a new technique bringing in to pull up so all you guys have to already do pull-ups or that having trouble in your pull-ups check this out when you’re pulling people normally just come up grab the bar come on come now right they’re pulling like this here you can see the range of motion the highest you can go it’s your neck to your chin I want you guys to position reposition your scapula forward see like the Australian pull up and pull like this just like the Australian pull up how do you do that so you bring your schedules forward lean back and you keep this position scapula’s forward arms here now watch what happens when you pull up from here [Music] you have a greater range of motion as you can see you can pull to your chest you can pull to your ads and pull your belly button or you can even pull to your weight the better you get at this technique so this is how you get super super high pull-ups explosive pull-ups shake must love and so forth but that’s later on just focus on keeping your scapula’s straight so now here we go jump pull up this is the next progression so you’re going to keep your scapula straight you’re going to jump to the bar and then come back down it’s pretty simple you want to focus on this move now that you have developed this new pulling strength maxed out right here do the wide shoulder close right here boom whatever number you’re at this is three five one whatever back to the close [Music] all right so as you can see you’re actually doing a real pull up for a second and coming back down you always want to make sure that you maintain perfect form keep your body straight and tight when you do it come back down now here’s the secret when you can’t do anymore you’ve maxed out you move back down to the previous progression the Australian pull ups so now we go again maxed out wide Matt’s out shoulder width remember you guys can add in the isometric now so as you can also that works out your your muscles in different ways that reps would never work them out and then close if you want dense muscle you want isometric hold and negative alright so that’s the little workout technique right there the actual technique and workouts for the whole complete introduction to calisthenics program its onsen XCOM so become a member right now to get full access to that apfel access to all our workout programs all our daily workouts technique guts and everything alright so let’s keep moving on so by this point you guys want to practice maxing out the hardest progression working on your way down while using the techniques of the grip the isometric full and the negative all right so once you’ve been practicing that now we move into jump negative pull-ups you’ve increased your strength now you can jump up to the top and then you can just come down and a negative you can even hold on to metrics to at the top if you want that will help a lot don’t forget try the different grips so top down slow [Music] all right so we’re almost there you would practice that maxvill jumping so you can’t do any more the jumping negatives move on to the jumping move on to the Australian and then that would be your set and you would keep doing that after a couple days you would eventually have enough strength to invest in a resistance band now if you’re looking for some resistance bands you can find them on our shop the next calm slash shop check that out alright so we put a resistance band around and now we’re going to actually simulate a real pull-up but we’re going to have some assistance now you can try a thicker resistance band try one that’s going to challenge you but you’re going to still be able to do perfect reps here we go make sure it’s perfect all the way up all the way down [Music] you guys want full range of motion that’s another thing why people are always lacking in their Pulis they do pull-ups like this sometimes you see people doing push-ups like that – like I never understand that you’ll never get some doing that you know how how do you expect your whole entire muscle to get strong if you only use a small part of it you need full range of motion full range of motion in your pull-ups cuts all the way up all the way back down now you’ll practice these resistance band pull-ups boom till you can’t do any more so jumping negatives so you can’t do anymore the jumping pull-ups so you can’t do anymore the Australian until you can’t do anymore now don’t forget to be adding in the grip and the hold and the negative so now we’re ready finally at this point you should definitely be able to do your very first pull-up now when you do your very first pull-up you want to start from the beginning doing a perfect if you’re even starting from your first one kipping and stuff like that you’re going to grow your one kipping pull-up into 20 keeping pulsing that’s not impressive you know start with a perfect perfect pull-up master that one and then grow that one mastered perfect pull up into five match your purpose for then into 10 into 15 into 20 and Beyond using these techniques and by going on 10 XCOM and becoming a member and taking all our workout programs there so now when you’re at this point it should basically be a checkoff list right my body is straight scapulars are rolled forward I come in like this however if I’m doing a wide shoulder closed let me go for shoulder-width make sure my body is straight at this point right here locked my feet are tight together and pointed straight my core is really tight from here pull all the way up all the way down [Music] so now to increase this perfect pull-up it’s the same technique you work your way down the progressions max out the progression that challenges you the most if it’s the pull up the resistance and pull up jumping negative jumping or Australian and then you want to max them out and go all the way down because that’s really working all the way down and failure so that’s basically how you start guys your first lesson master the pull-ups like I said if you master the pull-ups and you do it really good even if that’s one that one can turn to 10 then 20 you’re gonna have such a solid foundation everything is going to be so much easier so before we cut off I want to give you a little bit of extra credit for those of you that are getting really good at your pull-ups the next step once you start getting really good at pull-ups you can do about 10 volts or so you want to start doing weighted pull-ups put some weight on whether you hold it between your legs whether you put a weight vest on whether you put a belt on and you want to start maxing that out it could even be 10 pounds even if you want to start with 10 pounds and then just take it off and then max out your fullest go into resistance and and so forth let’s start with those weighted pull-ups because you guys will sleep unbelievable games when you start doing weighted pull-ups this is the biggest guys in the gym some of them don’t even do weighted pull-ups and you can you can see it you know what I’m saying their bodies don’t look like you know it’s developed that type of real strength so if you guys are looking for that real strength go on and become a member right now ascend XCOM download our app from the video description at the bottom you can take our workouts and our programs with you everywhere these are the best workouts you’re going to find to getting you into the best shape using weighted calisthenics using weights and calisthenics all combined for every fitness level a huge database with over a thousand videos 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