How to get an internship – as an international student

September 30, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Hi. My name is Teddy. I study Marketing Management at Business Academy Aarhus. I started my internship five months ago. I specialize in digital marketing. I found the internship by using my network. I had some people who gave me a lead towards an internationally expandaing company. I contacted their Marketing Manager as I thought maybe they could use my help. At first, I didn’t get a response unfortunately, but I followed up and the manager was happy about that and invited me for an interview. First of all, it was quite difficult landing an interview as nobody seemed to respond to my applications. I thought maybe it was because my name was too difficult for Danish people to pronounce. My real name is Tautvydas, so I just started referring to myself as
Teddy. I’ve learned a lot. It is very different to work with digital marketing in practice compared to learning the theory. It was very helpful and I’m sure it will help me in my future career. It was also a very good opportunity to learn Danish. I think the environment is Danish and a lot of my colleagues speak the language. My advice for international students looking for an internship is to never give up if they really want it. The people you’re contacting are busy and they have everyday working lives – so they may not respond immediately. The best way to get an interview is to remind them about yourself. That would also show your determination for the position and the responsibilities.