How To Apply To Study In The USA (Eng Sub)  التقدم للدراسة في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية

How To Apply To Study In The USA (Eng Sub) التقدم للدراسة في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية

August 29, 2019 2 By Stanley Isaacs

Hi Everybody and welcome to my video That I will tell you how to study in the United States How to do the application and the VISA And come to the US and Study I will tell you about the steps and give you all the information that I know to help you So that you can come and study in the US You should have a High School Diploma and want to continue your studies And have aspirations to get a degree The fist thing you have to choose is what you would like to study What is the thing you would love to study and get to know more about? There are a lot of majors that you can choose among You can become a Doctor, a Chef, an Engineer, a Professor, an Actor There’s everything So you have to sit and think; what do I want to become? And after you choose what you want to study, there are many Universities and Colleges to chose from in the US So you have to choose where you want to study? The US has many different States, so you can choose the East Coast or the West Coast There is Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Washington, Florida and many other places So you choose where you want to live and why you want to live there I chose to stay in California because I had my brothers studying in Sacramento So that’s why I chose to study in Sacramento, because my brothers were there And California has an amazing weather That’s the reason at that time I chose to come to California And later to Long Beach because they had the degree that I wanted to study And later, I fell in love with the city So, what is it that attracts you to that specific city? And as an advice, don’t go to the US just to say that you are there Go there because you have goals to do something for yourself To succeed for yourself and to study for yourself Don’t go there just as to what people would think of you. That in itself is failure Now you have chosen your major and where you would like to study And the next step will be to choose a College or University I advise you to choose a College. There are two things you can choose from in the US In College, you study for two years and then take your courses and transfer them to a University The classes that you take in the College are taken to a University The only difference is that the College is much cheaper than University And degrees are only given in Universities,. However, the same classes are available at the College Only that they are cheaper I studied two years at a community College and then transferred to a university Were I studied another two and a half years and got my Degree So if you want it to be cheaper, first choose a two-year College So go online and read about international students Read what the requirements for international students are What do they require to admit you to the program at the College And give you something called I-20. I’ll tell you more about it. It is very easy to cantact the College or University You get their e-mail address and you write to them. You can write for example: “Hi my name is Ons and I would like to study engineering And would like to do 2 years of community college and I am an International student from Sweden” And ask them what you need to do to get admitted to the College and to get the I-20 The I-20 is used when you apply for your VISA and to enter the United States It’s proof that you are a student in the US and it has something called Sevis They will answer you about doing an online application were you get a student ID That you will use to accesS the College website and register for yourself When you do the online application for the College you will have to pay an amount of money It could be $50 or $100 or $150, it depends which College or University you are applying for Every University or College has a different fee, so keep that in mind And usually they will ask you for a High School Diploma They will want you to translate it into English Copy of the Passport Another very important thing is that you can show that you have enough money to study there So they will ask you for a bank statement that shows that you have the amount of money needed to study there For College in California you will have to show that you have around 80 000 TND And keep in mind that the US Dollar is three times the Tunisian Dinar at the moment So more than it used to be few years ago For them, the most important thing is that you have the money and can pay them. They want to get paid Tuition is how much you need to pay for your studies You need to have enough for tuition, expenses for living like rent, food, books Also health insurance These are all things they want to know that you can pay for They might ask you for other things, it depends on the College There are Colleges that ask for TOEFL Test, so you need to take it and send them the results There are many things they will ask for, so make sure that you send them everything And that you have constant communication with the College Another thing you need to buy is called Sevis When I used to be a student it was $250, and now they changed it to $350 The sevis is like a number for your I-20, it’s like a identity number. They Identify you with it They know who you are and all the information about you when you are a student They print it out on the I-20 together with what you will be studying, the University, Sevis number Also how many years the degree is and they sign it and send it to you When they send it to you, you need the original because you need it to get the VISA So be very careful, because if you live in Tunisia there is a chance you might loose the I-20 It has happened that I lost mail before So make sure that you use DHL, because they are fast and they deliver it to your home And make sure that you actually get it, and you can even track it You know where your package is and when you will get it Once you receive the I-20, sign it and I usually make copies too just in case I have learned to be very organized Now you go to the US Embassy website and do the application for Non-Immigrant Visa Because you are a student, and this Visa is called F-1 Visa Choose the F-1 Visa and do the application, called the DS-160 They will ask for your name, what you’ll study and much more And after you finish the application, there is an application number You will use it to pay money at the post office to make an appointment at the US Embassy So that you can get your Visa When I did my Visa 5 years ago, it was 270 TND. I’m sure it’s more now After you get the receipt from the payment, you go online and make an appointment at the US Embassy Don’t forget to take with you all these papers to the Embassy There are many papers you need to take with you to the appointment One of which is the I-20, the Sevis fee receipt Copy of your passport and your passport Pictures for the Visa, and make sure they have the US Embassy requirements Banks statements, acceptance letter from the University stating you are accepted and will be studying there And if there is other things, make sure you check on the site. I might not have mentioned everything Also the receipt of your payment at the post office. I advice to you to get a folder and put all the papers or receipts you get Because any paper you have might be important, so save them all, even the receipts It is also important that you have an address in the US where you be going at first Even if it a Hotel, you need to tell them were you will be staying when you get there If you know someone and will be staying with them, get their address Or ask if the University has on-campus housing. Ask and they wil give you the information needed When you get to the US Embassy, you will have to show them your ID And you will go through security as if you are in the airport They will show you what to do, it’s very easy. Then you go to a room until they call your number They will interview you, they will ask what’s your name? Wha are you studying? Why are you going to America? Are you going to work there? It’s important that you show them that you are going to the US to study Not that you are goint there to do other things Tell them what you will be doing, where you will study and just your purpose for going there You have to answer all their questions. Only answer what they ask, don’t keep talking about things they don’t ask Usually you will get your Visa after that They just want to make sure you are truly going there to study, have enough money and a program to attend Not to work or do other things that you shouldn’t be doing under an F-1 Visa And hopefully your Visa is accepted and tell you to come back in two days to pick up the passport And they give you a receipt that you need when you pick up the passport. And you leave the passport And when you come back in two days they will give you the passport with the Visa in it And after you get the Visa, you go home very happy :D! I’m going to America! It’s a great feeling. Buy your flight ticket. Don’t forget your I-20 and to buy health insurance You never know what can happen. And it’s required by your school when you are a student If they deny your Visa, which I have seen happen to others It hasn’t happened to me And the reason forgetting denied was that their bank statements were not clear Or you say that you are going to learn English and it’s a short time so they require a degree, it helps My friend was refused the fist time because she was going to study English So she did the TOEFL, got into a College for a degree and reapplied for the Visa So she got the Visa If you get denied, change what they want you to change and reapply Show that you are going to study, reach your goals and do something good When you get to the United States, and going to go through customs They will interview you, and they do it to all visitors You show them you Passport, Visa and I-20 They will ask where you are staying and what you will be doing They will take a picture of your face and get your finger prints And then you enter the United States of America! I hope my video was useful and you could take away something from it I wish you all the luck. Go for your dream! Don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment. And thank you guys for watching! 🙂