How I landed my dream job – International student in the U.S. 2017

September 28, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

hi everyone, my name is Yvette. I recently
graduated from NYU and I’m currently working as a business analyst
in a bank. This is actually my dream job that I’ve been pursuing. it actually has been
until recently that I actually started working a month ago
and I was really lucky to have Kwan’s support during my job hunting journey I
really appreciate our efforts and time that you spent with me you know
practicing interviews you know setting up sessions to find out selling points
those were really helpful throughout my job hunting journey and I was really happy
to have the opportunity to work in my current role because I mean this is like
a perfect job for me right now that combines all my skill sets
I’ve always interested in financial services industry it just feel like my
dream has come true congratulations once again.
Because of our persistence and our practice and our strategy! you got a job
one month before you graduated, right? right! It was an amazing experience
when I got the opportunity work together with you because you know job hunting
especially also for international students was very tough right! yeah I mean I felt I feel really blessed to have you with me in this journey because I mean
job hunting.. I don’t think it’s ever an easy job and I was really lucky
that I don’t have face this all by myself I I feel really blessed to have your
support during the last months it was really helpful when we you
jumped on calls or having discussion about interviews or job opportunities
it was just such a great experience to be working together with you the reason why I say this is my dream
job because I’ve always wanted to go into financial industry and working as a
BA – pretty much speaks about my skill sets and really something that I would
love to do! tell us more because you know maybe you will inspire others too and make them want to
be a BA sure um I mean I I would say a BA I
regard a BA working a bank as a bridge between a business side and technology
side so I think it’s pretty much like a building business solution technology
solutions to support on the core business that that was a very rewarding
job so for this role you need to have you know really good understanding of
business you need to understand weather transactions
um and what are the traders doing day-to-day and you also on the
other hand you want to have a great understanding thorough understanding I
would say about technology help supporting the building up process for
those applications so I think it’s a great role in terms of my own
personality and my own personal skill set because it requires a lot of
communication skills sound logical thinking and ability to work together
with other people working the team project manage skills is also part of it so yeah that’s pretty much about a BA in a bank awesome and I can I can say that you feel so proud about landing! this job is a
job that you feel proud telling others about right? that’s true that’s very true actually on I am proud of my achievement so far on this
is something I’d be really working so hard for and I was really glad that I I
really you know realize my dream and you know make this achievement and
definitely your help would really appreciate it throughout this journey you only have 30 minutes or 45 minutes
to have those conversations so you want to make sure that you know those
conversations can really demonstrate your ability your skill sets your
knowledge right? That’s what I learned from you – KSAs haha I’m glad I can be a part of this achievement Yes, you are! thank you.. thank you so much um you
actually inspired me during through this those kind of answers because um in the
beginning I kind of just wanted to make a more casual chat but this actually
leads to a great story that ties up to some of the job descriptions and what
employer is actually looking for so I think that’s a great example to
share yes it’s very personalized and it makes you become a unique candidate for the job right! I think a lot of times the
employer is just looking they want to know who you are and um I think what you just mentioned being authentic is really important you
want to make sure that under the real you um you want to also make sure that
how the real yous going to add value to them so I think that’s that’s a key
point that on you know I learn from you and your conversation exactly so when you get those negative
questions and I got that many times in my experience. the employer is not
really putting you on the spot, they are trying to understand how you tackle
difficulties How you make a negative situation into a positive one so I mean in that case is also something I’ve learned from you that you want to maybe you know turn some questions into the other set of questions which
can demonstrate your ability and who you are right? yes. in the beginning I thought that resumes
more about you know your key responsibilities. what you have done in
your work experience, your education background maybe some project experience you just wanted to jot it down you know describe, summarize it this way
but then I realized it’s actually more than that! you want to make sure that you
present everything like your prior experience that speaks to the job requirements you know
the job that you’re looking for because that’s the employer is looking for you
will be able to add value to them so I think a lot of keywords it’s really
helpful as you help me to make you know changes I think one of the things that I
so now on top of my head is you know to highlight the key achievements in my job that’s for not only describing responsibilities but also put
together you know what I have what I have contributed and what achievement
that I made throughout this job that’s something I would say employer was
really looking for you know in your profile or in your resume the best advice I would give is to be
positive and be persistent because there are many companies out there that they
welcome international talents, right! if you’ve got the right skill set if you’ve
got if you’re you can prove yourself that you will you’ll be adding values to
them These will help you get there so I think it’s really about the mindset you cannot really say no to yourself before others do, right! I think you really want to convince
yourself that you’re gonna get your dream job in the first place
that’s the right mindset along your job hunting and also keep trying keep I would say be persistent because I know there are some discouraging moments when you want to you know like you’re not getting a response or you know not getting the right fit but you just need to keep trying consistently and be
persistent and stay positive I think that’s the best advice I would
give because I mean I’ve been there and I think that was the really helpful
thing for me being on throughout the journey and when do you think
international students should start their career search if they still in
school right now oh yeah that’s a very good question I mean as early as
possible for me um personally I would say um a year before you graduate this
is probably the best time because a lot of companies started to that time but I
mean why should join your program you should never stop looking for a job
that’s not that’s my personal that’s my personal belief because um you know even
though you’re you’re you’re in school you’re doing job search you’re doing
internships you’re gene project so it’s really actually contributes to you know
your final job search um I didn’t mean that you have to start to look for full time at your first year but I mean it’s really also like a
mindset that you want to put yourself out there go to Network events
you know put yourself on you get yourself comfortable presenting
yourself to employers or other people because that really takes time to – I
would say to make yourself comfortable and confident presenting yourself to
employer so it never hurts to start early so I would say as early as
possible congratulations once again! thank you so much I really appreciate
all your support and all your help you know throughout my my job hunting journey. it’s been it’s been such a blessing experience to have to have you with me