How Do California Community Colleges Help Undocumented Students?

September 17, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

[music] A lot of times when you’re undocumented you feel that you just don’t belong anywhere. Making sure that you know they belong at a college university is really important for them to stay here. [music] The undocumented resource program is designed to support undocumented students from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. They might be looking for financial aid,
any support with their DACA renewal or any other legal advice or information they might be seeking. It’s really important to have these kind of programs and
centers on different campuses like two-year colleges or universities
because these students are everywhere, these students are just you know trying
to go to school. [music] I realized, wow, I could benefit from this and that’s exactly what other students and other people need to see as well. I ran into some
problems with my personal DACA renewal. I was getting stressed out and I thought I have to drop out of school, work two jobs just to cover this. I dropped in and everything
was taken care of within a week and a half and I was still enrolled in school and
I thought that was phenomenal. My family really wants me to get a degree and be
able to walk the stage and be next to my cousins and say that we all have a
career. And, not having the DACA it’s closing all those doors for me. At the
Student Center they’ll help whoever comes in and they’ll have their doors
opened for you. They explained to me that it was for people like me who are
considered AB 540 students or undocumented or dreamers. I couldn’t find any scholarship or anything that they offered I would have not known anything
about that and I would have just been kind of on my own hoping that something will come my way. It’s actually finding the help and
resources to that’s the frustrating and hard part. The biggest concerns with students
is lack of help and how to find it. [music] Give me someone that I can trust and be
able to just communicate with them and if any questions come up, be able to have
a conversation with them about it. [music] The political climate too is kind of hard.
Who is really out there for you and who can you trust. It’s a safe support, having the program there for you. Walking in at any time and be able to talk to someone and
immediately have that relationship with them. As a former undocumented student myself, I needed people to come to
me and let me know that you know it’s safe for me to actually speak out and
say that I’m undocumented I need help. It’s a way for them to finish their
studies, what they came here for. [music] This Center is very important not to
just me or people that work in it but knowing that there’s a lot of students out
there that don’t know about it. We want our undocumented student
populations to know that we would never report their information to any
authority. We do care for student’s safety first that’s our main priority. [music] When you have that degree no one can
take that from you. If people are willing to work hard for the education and then
really have that drive for it then there should be nothing to stop. [music] They are not alone. We’re gonna go above and beyond to help them. If we stop caring then we lose everything. It takes a campus, it takes the whole
village to be able to meet the needs of the undocumented student population. [music]