Graduation 2019 – The Gown  | RMIT University

Graduation 2019 – The Gown | RMIT University

November 18, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Welcome back shoppers. We’re here celebrating all things
graduation all month at RMITVSN. Graduation can be a bit like birthdays. Statistics say you might
have more than one. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t– – Sorry.
– That’s okay. You look so accomplished. Thank you. I feel more important than you. It’s the pleating of the shoulder. It says, “if you think my shoulders are
big, wait till you see my brains”. Whether you’re a rhomboid or trapezoid, there’s
an open fronted gown for you. Dressing yourself can be tricky
and graduation is no exception. Let’s take a look at
how you might go wrong. How did you do that? The hoods and stoles come in a variety
of different colours and styles to show everyone exactly what discipline
you’re an expert in. And how important you are. Spectrum blue is for engineering. Honeysuckle is for science. And green is for Slytherin. I love the colour green. Great hat. – How did you do that?
– [Nicole] Shh. Gown, hoods and stoles must be returned
at the end of the ceremony. But the mortarboard is yours to keep. You could get it
framed as a memento. But why stop there when you can keep the
celebration alive and use it as a salad bowl. Somewhere to keep your loose change. Or a cheese board. May I? Of course. Mmm.