#FYI: Aine Harney, Graduate Engineer,  Boston Scientific

#FYI: Aine Harney, Graduate Engineer, Boston Scientific

October 19, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

As a Quality Engineer it’s my job to
make sure that the business meets regulatory requirements and also drives
continuous improvement. On a daily basis I monitor the issues
that present themselves on the production line and analyse the
subsequent data. The skills that I need to be successful
in my role are problem-solving; project management; interpersonal skills are very
important for being part of the team; and also as a Quality Engineer, following
procedures and guidelines is also very important. I love the fact that Boston Scientific is
such a vibrant, enjoyable and challenging environment to work in. On
the team, everyone is so friendly and helpful and no two days are the same.
I really love being part of such a supportive team where every decision
that we make brings us one step closer to changing the life of a patient. I applied for the graduate programme
through Grad Ireland and from there I got called to attend an Assessment
Centre down in Clonmel where we undertook a numerical reasoning test, a verbal
reasoning test and a checking test, and then we were put into groups and
we did a group exercise. Successful candidates were called
for an interview and I was luckily one of those, so here I am.