FrontRow’s ToGo System at Dominican University of California

October 6, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

[MUSIC PLAYING] Coaching sports teams
and leading PE classes takes its toll on
instructors’ voices. For some, having to yell to be
heard is an eight to 12-hour daily reality. The Dominican University of
California Athletics Department is home to weekly
sports summer camps for elementary and
middle school students. This is my second year doing camps. And it’s so much fun. I love working with kids. But at the end of
every week, it’s exhausting because you’re
dealing with one person to about– the ratio is, like,
one person to about, I don’t know, 20 kids or more
or higher, like it is this week. And it’s so much fun,
but it’s exhausting, especially physically draining
as well as on my voice. Kids engaged a lot
easier when they heard me speak because I
didn’t have to strain or yell. It was in a calm manner instead
of just screaming because they could hear my voice. And they listened a lot better. They followed direction a lot
better, which was amazing. And it didn’t stress
me out as much. I’m a lot happier. So that makes the
kids happier in turn. So I think overall it
creates a better experience. Forehand volley. Awesome. Nice. Portable FrontRow ToGo is
perfect for PE class, the gym, the playground, or
anywhere else quick and easy voice or media
amplification is needed. I’ve been coaching over 10 years
now and without a microphone. And especially being
outdoors, there’s a lot of background noise. There’s wind. I usually coach a lot of kids. So raising my voice
and straining my voice is a normal everyday occurrence. So day in and day out, I usually
have to mentally prepare myself that I’m going to be yelling
or screaming on the court. I can definitely hear
her better than usually because usually she
has to, like, scream. It’s Friday, so we’ve had a
full week of camp already. So being able to use
the microphone right now was a really great
tool to have in terms of being able to catch
the kids’ attention, being able to have less
strain on my voice, and being able to
speak to the kids slowly enough and clearly
enough so they can understand what I’m trying to get across. I could hear some of it
a lot better because she didn’t have to scream. I’ll probably learn more if she
has the microphone because it’s easier to hear with my ears. Having this microphone, too,
that’s hands free is great. You don’t have to hold anything. It’s easy to speak to the
kids and not strain your voice and be able to still
have some great mobility. You and your school
can start benefiting from ToGo’s powerful sound
coverage indoors and out. Inquire about it today. FrontRow– your
school connected.