For international students of Friedrich Schiller University – first steps in Jena

October 5, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Hello and welcome to your enrolment at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena! I will tell you how to proceed with your enrolment, your registration at our university. Have a look at your admission letter!
There are the details about when and where to come for your enrolment. Yes, you have to come in person. Bring your admission letter and passport with you. In the Service Office you will get a starter package with plenty of useful information, – for example, – a map. And your temporary student ID card. You can do many things with this student ID card: You may take a bus, train and a tram in Jena – and in the surrounding region… …buy food at the cafeteria at student prices… …and register for using the Internet
and the university e-mail services. For registration with the university IT services, the university IT services,
go to Ernst Abbe Platz 4, 1st floor. Take your student ID and passport along. After registering, you may use your university e-mail, WiFi on campus, and in dormitories. Your temporary student ID is valid for a few days To receive your permanent student ID thoska, you have to do three things: You can find all details in the Enrolment Guide. Firstly, The university needs your current German address to send you an important letter with your thoska soon. So, please fill in the address form which you find in your starter package. Don’t forget to register your residence with the local authorities. You do that at the local residents’ registration office (‘EINWOHNERMELDEAMT’). Secondly, your student ID is your semester ticket for the public transport. You pay for it by transferring the semester fee to the university bank account. You can find a transaction form in your starter package. If your German bank account is activated already, give the filled-in form to your bank. A few days later, the transaction can been seen as „booked“ on your account statement. Submit a copy of it to the International Office. Maybe a friend can help with his account? If you haven’t got any bank account yet, you make a cash transfer at one of the banks in Jena. Submit the original cash payment proof with your student number on it to the International Office. Thirdly:
All students in Germany need to have a health insurance, usually by one of the public German health insurance providers, for example: Your insurance company will give you a certificate and one or two forms to be filled in by the university. Submit all the original documents to the International Office. But there are two exceptions: If you have a European Health Insurance Card, – this will be accepted. Check its validity and submit a copy to the International Office. If you are older than 30
or if you take part in the DSH course, the university accepts a private insurance
from the ones listed in the enrolment guide. Your health insurance must be valid for the whole semester. Submit a copy of the insurance contract to the International Office. Please note that the university does not accept a travel insurance which you might have bought for your visa application. Done! Submit all documents for your enrolment as one package. Put that in the mailbox next to the room 18 in the University Main Building (‘Universitätshauptgebäude’). or submit it to the Enrolment Service Office. A few days later you will get a letter from the university with your thoska. Now you have been enrolled successfully and you can start your studies! Good Luck!