First Day of College Vlog University of Southern California

October 1, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

hey guys what’s up it’s Ashley and it’s
the first day of school and I feel completely done inside but I thought I
would vlog this day because these are so funny to look back on all this in the
future and so basically it’s like eight something I woke up at like six I did a
YouTube video like I don’t know why I was up and I would just say so late my
room is not unpacked which if you guys watch my move-in day vlog which I need
that other it’s funny because I was like if I don’t certain packing now I never
will and I have it I literally look a mess I like my hair look yeah I’m going
through right now but I’ll take you through the process of the first day I’m
sorry I ramble for like 20 minutes let’s go it’s currently like so dark outside
and like back home like it looks like this it means it was gonna storm the
lake it doesn’t storm here so also I’m not even in my room so I should probably
go tomorrow okay obviously part of getting ready is having a bomb playlist
so we’re gonna go with the classic playlist and we’re gonna start with a
certified banker my headphones are an embarrassing currently filming a got
ready with me video and I really want to go I don’t eat breakfast but I want to
get a croissant or smoothie so I’m trying to hurry up but like this is
really hard because I literally have not done anything the past four days that
would have been productive for school so he didn’t I know what I’m wearing
because I’m really lazy and I didn’t think ahead of time it was gonna wear
the dress and sneakers which is pretty standard a posh they fit but it kinda
looks cool so I might bring my little jacket I’m talking really fast but
anyway there’s no use this stuff but it’s not and you guys find out please
don’t roast me in the comments and this is the final foundation
and look it looks pretty even pretty good that I don’t look like a literal
clown on to the next step JK forgot exciting spray set this in
place hey okay my hair it’s all curled I have
makeup on but I need to pawn mascara and then chopstick and then I need to look
at where my classes are and get my backpack and I think we’re good to go
okay I’ve really done I just such a pack of this here backpack literally so
behind but what’s new um I decided to go with my mules and all my loafers and I’m
doing an outfit of the week so gonna look out for that here is my finished
first day look a little bit of makeup some really cute earrings my name
necklace this dress that you guys will see butter up in a second and mules
okay guys I’m really leaving I got the glasses I got in the bag the phone
everything I need have fun follow me along for the rest of my first day of
school I literally have to go by just left but it’s still really early on my
way to get this croissant and yeah videos what’s your favorite thing
about USD and you can’t say me a quick run day of the down best bar I don’t
know I just said okay a quick rundown of the day that’s far the first class
really worried I just felt I wasn’t in school and will actually first about the
croissant in this movie and there’s a bit along this line but I’m sorry I took
like big stress went outside and got my food whatever was the class had a friend
in there new kind of like a couple of people in that class look like it’s
gonna be a lot a lot of fun and it’s just what I needed sucking back okay now
the net but don’t worry I’m a pro at taking naps in class and just like
sitting on my arm sorry mom please don’t like this I just think my body was not
having it God and what we wanted to cry so god I just didn’t want to be there
and right after I went to my browser trough the glass and see what I can do
with my schedule but before and that laptop is like mom
I’m so hungry like I was on the phone I ate a burger and fries to just refer her
to bill and this little bit like no food and look directly at me which sourly
loves dot but the pies were really good and they were right
so yeah and then I hang with friends what else did i do today I’m gonna have
a friend later but my roommates doing I look look at the peas that like now like
the rest of it tonight I want you to walk close and do stuff and that’s been
my first day of school that far came back from dinner with friends but I
completely brought to vlog took the hottest shower today’s been so
interesting and very tiring like today I even have a pad in for like claws and I
just had one journal so I can tell this is gonna be a good here