Farmers’ Markets and College Gardens (Taiwan to USA & back)

November 17, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

This video is mostly about my trip to the
United States, but I’ll start off with my okra plant and end with my okra plant. You
can see the growth before I left for the States and then after I came back. My father-in-law
took care of the plant. We just had a rain. From these angles you can see little droplets
on there. Somehow I thought it got wet in here even though I have an overhang. And I
checked it out and there are these little translucent little balls. They are like one
sixteenth of an inch. Or even smaller- on thirty-second of an inch I guess. People mention
having these things in their soil, especially with Miracle Grow….talkin about polymers
and stuff like that and other people are talking about snails eggs. But I really can’t find
anything about this. I am really concerned. I don’t know if I should be picking them off
my leaves and the stems or what. So, if anybody has an idea, please leave a comment.
One of my neighbors is also collecting rain water and I never noticed that before. I’ve
got two buckets out there which will last me, about a week for what I do on the first
floor here. It’s just cool that I am not alone in doing this.
Took a trip up to Upstate New York and we went to Ithaca. Ithaca is home to Cornell
University. The town itself is beautiful and it’s right on Lake Cayuga which has spectacular
scenery. There’s waterfalls everywhere. Cornell University, if you know, some of my Taiwanese
friends might know, the past (Taiwanese) president, Lee Dung-Hui, he went there for Agricultural
Education. He got his PhD there. What I am really impressed with is the amount of land
they have there devoted to gardens and orchards. It was just beautiful.
We are at Cornell University looking at all their plants. Everything is labeled. Smells
great. Hairy Mountain Mint. And it goes on and on…all the way around!
There was a garden area devoted to the history of gardening so they had five or six plots
which would replicate how somebody would farm through the different ages going from the
start of our country up until modern day and how gardens have changed and evolved over
time. So it was quite fascinating. I liked it, but it was raining!
The farmer’s market was so convenient for the vendors. They drove their trucks right
up to the back of where they show their wares and sell their fruits and vegetables and their
crafts. Back of the farmers’ market.
There’s where we ate last night, if you can see that tent. All the way down there, that
white tent. There was a band playing and there was a restaurant there.
After a week my (wife’s) relatives from Taiwan joined me. I had two nieces, two nephews,
and a sister-in-law and we went to I think four or five states. We went down to Baltimore
Inner Harbor and one of the things we did down at Baltimore Inner Harbor was to go to
the aquarium. It’s very famous. But the aquarium is not only an aquarium…There is also a
kind of a tropical rain forest room which was fascinating. This morning I took a run
on that red pathway that you can see up there. So I went across the road and went through
that park area and down to those buildings. They are apartments. They have docks and everything.
This is Baltimore Inner Harbor. You like this place>YEAH!
Hello! We are in the… aquarium! Aquarium! Ah, that’s a chocolate tree? Cacao. Oh, yeah,
look at that. Okay, so they have headphones in their ears
and they are being told what to do. So, so far…now they are going slow again. There’s
a trapeze artist up there. So people were going backwards, and they were going slow,
then they were fast. Then they just froze in place. And what else? High fives! High
Fives at everybody. That was weird. This is Chinatown and then there is a sign
up ahead there…in white, they got it blocked, says Little Italy. So we just came from South
Street Seaport, where that weird event was happening. Now, we’re going to the UN through
Chinatown. Every…All these signs are in Chinese.
Oh, wait that’s video…Sorry! We are eating a Philadelphia cheese steak.
What do you think? I think it’s big. It’s big. Good! Good?
It is their right. It is their duty to throw off such government to provide new guards
for their future security. WE! Lafayette College has gardens that the students
can use and the students grow food that actually ends up in the dining halls and I just thought
that was really amazing. And I met a couple of professors there. They were very nice.
Every plot is different and the things that are on the gardens are all, benches and what
have you, are all built with recycled materials. Sheds and any out-buildings that they have.
Okay these are the gardens of Lafayette College, so we’re gonna check this out.
So the professors have plots and the students have plots. They are all different. There
is a walkway. Oh yeah. mulch. yeah. Beans, those look like tomatoes, sunflowers
back there, I see corn. There are berries. Different kinds of salad green.
This is a pretty cool rain water collection system. The water comes off that room and
goes…see the drainage… goes into that tank there on this side and then there’s a
tank on the other side. And they have solar here and they have wind. Could be generating
a pump. We went down to Washington DC and I was able
to wake up in the morning before anyone else was up and run around what they call the Mall
area. From our hotel to the Capitol and then down towards the Washington Monument. If you
are familiar with that area, it passes the Smithsonian Museums.
A gift from my mom…she knows that I am really into eating fruit right now. And so, this
is a great gift! We’re on our trail. These are my pacers. There’s
one. Here’s another one! We did 4.3 miles just finishing up here. Probably do five miles
today. The other day we did 16 kilometers. That’s ten miles. What’s up buddy? I’m fine.
How are you doing, Lawrence? Good! Chasing the guy…What? Chasing the guy let me be
tired. All of my herbs did really well at my father-in-law’s
factory. Except for my rosemary which was..It my fault.
I put it in a pot without a hole in the bottom, so…and he waters a lot so It kind of drowned
it out. But there is my thyme and I was able to use that in some cooking. So, looking good.
So this is my okra that my father-in-law was watching. And look at those. They are nice
big okra. Yeah!