Experience EIU: Your University. Your Home.

September 8, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Why do we choose the colleges we do? Because we feel at home there. Because we can do
what we love there. Because it fits us. Because it is us. Because they know us there, and
we know they’ll bring out the best in us there.>>Student:
Something about Eastern really makes it feel like home. [unclear dialogue] >>Student:
I love my life here. I have many familiar faces that
stop and say hi on campus and are just genuinely
happy to see you. Still everyday though
I’m meeting new people. It’s amazing how in four
years Eastern has become like a home for me.>>Student:
What’s cool with Eastern is that because you have, and
because you occasionally see a professor again further
on in your college career. While you don’t see how far
you’ve come they do and they show it to you through their
feedback on your assignments, and in the classroom. And that’s only possible because
they know you personally and they’ve seen you grow. Because in those
small classes they can.>>Dr. Andy Methven:
One of the reasons that I think students choose
to come to Eastern Illinois are the kinds of opportunities
that they can get outside of the classroom. It doesn’t matter what their
major is, doesn’t matter what their interests are. They can find something beyond
the regular confines of what we might think of as a lecture
and a laboratory environment. There are plenty of
opportunities for students to grow in a variety of different
kinds of ways outside of the classroom.>>Dr. Angela Yoder:
As a professor, an advisor, and a mentor my
calling is to help my students find theirs. I get to be part of one of the
most exciting growth producing times in a students
life and I just love that.>>Student:
The one thing that I advise any freshmen coming into
EIU is that go for everything. I mean there’s so much out
there waiting for you, so many opportunities to do
research, to find employment. Even places to study in the
library just got and explore everything that Eastern
has to offer because you won’t find it
anywhere else. It’s really one of the best
choices I made coming to Eastern and it’s opened a lot of doors. I’ve met a lot of great people,
learned a lot of great things, and it’s a chance to
better yourself everyday. And I feel like I honestly
become a better person than I was yesterday everyday. [music playing] >>Narrator:
Imagine the person you’ll grow up to be. The life you’ll get to live. The family and
community you get to serve. EIU because what
matters most is what lasts.