Exercise Science Major at California Lutheran University

September 17, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

I really was driven once I found this major,
and decided that this is what I want to do. My name is Kristen and I’m from Camarillo. Exercise Science is probably one of the most
diverse majors on campus in terms of the various directions that students can go. We have three emphasis. We have a health profession, a human performance,
and then pedagogies are physical education emphasis and we’ve just been re credited by
the state, and we have an excellent program. But at the heart of it, we’re really looking
to have our students understand kind of the underpinnings of human movement. My name’s Ryan. I’m from Moorpark, California. There’s a really good community and it’s definitely
involving which is nice. As I continued in the program, I was just
in shock by how much everybody, the faculty cares, how small the classes are, how quickly
everybody invited me in and just kind of became a family. We know our students names, you know, I’ll
know likes and dislikes and sometimes a facial expression, I kind of just say, ok I need
to go back over that concept again. The professors are awesome. They’ve become friends, as well as mentors
and, every time I talk to a professor I’m always learning something about myself, the
subject or them. And it’s good to have people, you know, good
role models like that, good mentors, because I feel like I would like to mirror them. My name is Cristian Plascencia. I am from Salinas, California. We do present a significant academic challenge
to our students. You use support courses in Chemistry, Biology
and Physics. We’re very fortunate to have one of the newer
spaces on campus. You know the laboratory that we are in right
now for Exercise Sciences is amazing for undergraduate school. you know, the teachers are walking you through
the whole process. We also have equipment in the department that
we can actually move into the community. Where we can actually do a lot of community-based
research. If you have a love for the field, then you
need to have a love for the research in what goes into it. And we’ve had great success, with some of
our students actually publishing their research. Our school even sponsors students to go to
the Southwest American College of Sports Medicine Conference. Our students are seen in such a positive light
in the community, and so the students are getting some fabulous real life experiences
in clinics and other work places. We have the Exercise Science club which I’m
in, and we are really bringing awareness and activities on to campus that are hopefully
making people more healthier and getting more involved with exercise. We believe that the students are well pre-pared
to go out and engage in their profession. My ultimate career goal would be to go into
physical therapy, which is a three doctorate program. And after that, I would like to go into things
like a Handicap International or Doctors Without Borders. You know, there is a lot of eduction that
again, isn’t necessarily something that you’d see in a test that our students are learning
that really will enable them to go on to become, you know leaders in a global society.