English conversation Lesson –  1st Day at the University ( Speaking about University life)

English conversation Lesson – 1st Day at the University ( Speaking about University life)

October 25, 2019 95 By Stanley Isaacs

Are you studying at the university? Or you
planning to join the university or maybe you’re just curious to find out about my two friends
and what they spoke about at the university on their first day? If you are interested
then please stay with me in this lesson. I’m your tutor for the day and my name is Michelle.
Join me let’s start So there are two friends. My friends Billy
and Jack. And what did they speak about on the first day? Of course when you meet someone
for the first time, at the school, at the college, university. The conversation is very
introductory and informal as well. So let’s start. Let’s find out what do these words mean that they used? Some strange words did you hear? Freshman? Who’s a freshman? Freshman is a
person, whose studying in the first year of university. I’ll write it here for you first
year. What about somebody, who’s studying in second year of university? That person
is called a sophomore, yes a sophomore. This word has three syllables, So-Pho-More. And
who’s the junior? The person, who’s studying in the third year of university. You must
have guessed it, Senior is somebody who’s studying in the fourth or the fifth year of
the university. Depending on the course fourth or fifth year, let’s continue the conversation
between Billy and Jack. Did you hear those words? New words? What
did they say? Major. What is major? Major as if what we know is something greater, but
here it talks about the next level of graduate school. So if you’re studying your graduation,
you’re undergrad, once you complete it. You enter into your majors after undergrad.
And what is this minor? What are Billy and Jack doing right now? They are minoring, yes
when you’re studying in the undergraduate university, you are minoring. It is lesser
than major. Do you know there are different words for majoring and minoring? Yes, so when
you complete your majors, you enter into, you enter into probably PHD or MPhil. But
when you are majoring. What do you receive? Which degree do you receive? You receive a
master’s degree, so you’ve become a master of your subject. Awesome, isn’t it? Master’s
degree and minor is for Bachelor’s degree. Yes, you’re expected to be a bachelor, when
you study in the undergrad school. So major and minor for you, when you complete your
major or your master’s. You receive the master’s degree and when you complete your
minor school, you receive an undergrad or bachelor’s degree. Let’s go ahead with their conversation. Keep,
please stay the conversation is only getting more interesting. Here, so let’s start…. Did you hear some more new words? Yes School and Uni. What is Uni? It is short for university. And school is another word that you can use for
university or you can also call it an undergrad school. Undergrad or maybe graduation school.
As I told you undergrad school will be used for minor and graduate school will be used
for majors. Isn’t it fun? You’ve learnt so much to talk about at the university on the
first day. But do you wanna know, what else they spoke about? Let’s see. Dormitory. How
come they have used it, let’s find out. What now…What is a dormitory? So dormitory is a sort of a building that offers you a
set of rooms, which could be private or semi-private rooms with combined or common bathroom facilities.
And even common recreation that’s what a dormitory is, you find a lot of people, good number
of people living together. Building with many rooms, something like a hostel. Commuting. Jack said, I’m commuting from home.
What does that mean? This means he’s travelling to college every day from home. To travel.
Let’s find out what happened next? Credits…..semester…. Semester is a period of 6 months
or may be 15 to 18 weeks. Your whole academic term is divided into two parts, the first
part is the first semester and the second part is the second semester divided into six
months each, that’s what a semester is. 6 months of a term. And what are credits that
they were talking about? Credits add value to the course or they tell academic institution
how important your course is and what is the value of your course. It also means the number
of hours you spend studying that course. You’ll find it very much in the American education
system. Value to your course. Alright this is enough talking on the first
day of college. It’s time that Billy and Jack head to their respective destinations. One
goes home and the other goes to dormitory. So let’s just end the conversation with a
nice sign off note. That’s how you sign
off, when you meet someone for the first time at the college or maybe another place. But
they used a term here hangout. What does it mean to hangout? Hangout means to spend time
together with a person or maybe more than a person maybe three, four people at different
locations. That’s what it means to spend time together at different locations. Spend time
together. So if you’re entering the university have a great time. You’ll be a freshman and
if you’re already a sophomore. I hope you’ve learnt some vocabulary to talk to that new
classmate. Have fun and I had great time teaching you.
I hope you come back for more lessons on university life. Coz now Billy and Jack are very close
friends and very soon they are going to talk about everything from professors to grades.
If you wanna learn that, please come back. I’ll miss you till then. Bye, bye.