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November 28, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

In this episode we discuss the top six apps
for engineering students in 2017. Hey 1% Nation, I’m Jake Voorhees and you are
watching episode 031 of the 1% Engineer Show, where we empower young engineers the rise
of the top 1% of their career You guys are way more fortunate than you realize. When I was a student at university starting
out 12 years ago there was no such thing as smartphones. Not even close. In fact I started it in 2005 the first smartphone
came out in 2007 and I personally didn’t get one so I was at the end of my graduate years
so this was 2011. So I went through six and a half years six
years of university without having anything like it. So make sure that you’re taking advantage
of resources like these so you can crush it in your student engineering career. So get into it number one MathPixSolver. This is hands down THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER
SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE FOR YOU GUYS. You can take a photo of an engineering problem. It scans the image so it’s OCR optical character
recognition and it will solve that problem for you. It will do derivatives. It will do integrals. It has two dimensional graphing functions
three dimensional graphing functions. This thing is just unbelievable. So make sure that you try it out. I think there may be a paid version as well
but this thing is entirely free. On the surface it’s available for Android
and it’s available for iPhone. I think most engineers are most likely going
to be Android but I made sure that all these apps in this review are both for Android and
iPhone. I think that’s really important just to be
diversified. So download math picks all over for sure to
Wolfram Alpha. This app is considered the Wikipedia for engineering
students has the ability to answer any engineering student question regardless of whatever field
you’re in. And as you can see there’s lots of categories
here from math to chemistry to physics to specific engineering type problems and it
will laid out exactly how you solve certain very specific types of homework problems exam
problems and project application. So make sure you take advantage of this make
sure you check this out and you’re fully aware of the resources on Wolfram. And as you can see Wolfram also has a whole
list of other types of apps so you can check those out as well but this community this
online database of support features for engineering students is just unbelievable. So go check it out. Three check check is a platform to rant digital
as well as physical textbooks it on to pay the full price. This is a big deal over four years. Imagine the savings the average cost per semester
on books is probably 500 dollars. And some of these books can be even$200. I remember my chemistry book was really big
and super expensive so this awesome resource beyond the textbooks support feature. There’s also tutor applications you can learn
from other students. There’s pro versions where you can have paid
tutors So go check that out make sure you take advantage of all this. I highly believe in tutoring for super hard
classes like physics to calc two of you have to take them to thermodynamics which super
lucky for me as a civil engineer I did not have to take that but make sure that you’re
paying for tutors guys. It is a small price to pay little tiny price
to pay in comparison to having to take a course over again which happened to me I had to take
calc 2 over again. I did not have a tutor. I do not believe Chegg was out when I was
around so take advantage of that for sure. For Evernote there’s a reason why so many
business professionals entrepreneurs and students alike all swear by ever know it is the most
popular No. And clouds sink application. You have the ability to keep your schedule
straight. All of your assignments your to do list your
ideas on a whim so make sure that you check it out. There’s two tiers of pro options. I have no idea what is involved with those
because I’ve never done it but check that out. I doubt any of you are going to be interested
in that which shows you that this app has a larger more serious professional user base
as well. So download Evernote guys use it. Never miss a meeting never miss a class never
miss an assignment again with Evernote 5 Coursera course there is a free platform where you
can take classes from top universities. Some of those on the list are Stanford Penn
Johns Hopkins du cetera. And you could take college classes online
for free and I highly suggest you do this for challenging ones like computer science
cow physics something that you can go through Coursera even in a blitz fashion just get
an idea of the material. Just look at what the assignments might be
like but it will give you an advantage during summer break winter break even during a semester
if you want to sort of peer ahead. If you want additional practice problems but
it’s free. It’s from legitimate universities and they
put them online for students like you to take advantage of. So check out Corsairs guys. Stay tuned. After this one because we do have a bonus
put six is office lens office lenses a free product within the Microsoft suite which allows
you to scan documents physical documents and have them in the cloud and have them on your
phone have them up on your Google Drive. You never have to worry about carrying stuff
you’re never going to miss an opportunity if you go to the library or you’re not able
to actually read a book or for example like me this is very practical. We were allowed to peer into civil engineering
senior design projects that were archived. We weren’t allowed to take them out. So for you guys now you’re going to snap photos
of that stuff with your office lens app and you can keep it forever for your reference. You can use your friends material you can
take snapshots of slides in class and it everything up a little bit more unified than just a picture
app on your phone. You know you don’t really want to be doing
that for things like college classes things like academics serious applications. And here’s the bonus round I’m going to suggest
actually two more absolute I think you need to check out if you haven’t heard of Khan
Academy yet it’s another Coursera based community where you can take courses for free and get
a leg up get an advantage learn a little bit more beyond the stereotypical classes that
you’re taking. So check that out. And the eighth one is Google Drive. I love Google Drive. You should be using Google Drive your teams
you can edit stuff on the fly and see that other people are editing even shows the cursor
and someone’s name and you can watch them changing things so you could literally be
on a Skype call on a Facebook chat group and all be looking at the same document at the
same time. And one person is typing. We’re all working on different things within
the same document at the same time and everything is sinking to be in the cloud. It has spreadsheets. It has Google Forms. It has maps. It has presentations so you guys can take
full advantage of this free service this is what Google has done over time. The democratization of products they have
brought certain products to everyone so you can have Word Excel presentation PowerPoint
forms maps whatever you want for free. So definitely use Google Drive guys. So those are my top six apps for engineering
students right now plus two bonus ones. Campobello let me know which of these apps
you already have and which one you’re going to download right now. Thanks for watching the one percent engineer. So guys if you enjoy these tips Consider subscribing
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