[ENG/INDOSUB] NCT DREAM VLIVE 190224 – 드림을 사랑하는bang법

October 8, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

.Hello, I’m going to do this alone today.
I was joking. Today, with DREAM members. – Next station is SM TOWN.
– Broadcast. It means I love you. – “Hong-Ik University Station.”
– I means I love you. – Renjun is not here.
– I want to be on the screen. Renjun. – Shall we do this? – It means I love you.
– I think.. – In the middle.. Let’s move back.
– Okay, we’ll move back. We’re modulating the screen.
Wait. “Jaeminanana” – “Jaeminanana”
– Let’s move back. “Jaeminanana” – “How to love Jaemin”.
– Only a part of Renjun appear on the screen. You guys start. You’ll go to the toilet? – Let’s use a sticker after a long while.
– Come here. Renjun, use a sticker.
The one you like. Renjun is blocking Jeno. – Good bye.
– Good bye. – Is this the one? The sticker?
– Let’s use it. Everyone. Is this the right one? – Fool.
– Is this working? – Fool.
– What’s this? Who is it? You look like a fool. Can we use something else?
Is this the right button? – I’ll read the comment.
– Blocking Jaemin. It’s so cold. – Dream’s chaotic V Live has started.
– What’s that? Your pressed the wrong one. Our chaotic V Live has started. – This is not it. What’s this?
– This sticker.. – This one, dinosaur.
– They went crazy the special effect. – Dinosaur?
– Right, everyone! Everyone! – It was cute.
– I have something to say. – Jaemin is not here.
– It was cute. – What?
– Today, Jaemin is not here. Let’s go back to our seat. Jaemin is not here today. – Today we have Han Daegang.
– He’s our new member from today. – Daegang.
– I’m Na Daegang. – Na Daegang.
– Na Daegang. Hello, I’m Na Daegang. This is our new member, Na Daegang. – It’s been a minute since I debuted.
– Oh my God! Please say hello, it’s your first time. – Hello.
– How old are you? – I’m 20 years old. 20? Then we’re the same age. – Hi? – Hi?
– Nice to meet you. Let’s not talk informally. – Senior!
– Don’t be so obstinate. – You should get into the frame.
– I can see me. – I was just joking.
– You all read the article? About Jaemin’s drama. Right, as soon as the article was released, – It went on the real time trend ranking.
– Really? The power of Tizennie is amazing. Jaemin’s acting. – Tizennie’s power.
– My first acting..- Jaemin’s acting. Please look forward to Jaemin’s first drama. Okay, stop promoting my drama. – Let’s talk about Dream.
– Then we.. It’s been so long since our last V Live. – What brought us together?
– What brought us together? – We are here to communicate with our fans.
– To do this. – It’s been so long.
– We’ve met someone. – No, we haven’t.
– Yes, we have. – We have met..
– We have met.. – They said we can tell about it.
– They said we can tell about it. – Everyone in the cafe already saw it.
– Right. – In the UK..
– Harvey. – We met an idol singer.
– He’s an idol singer. He’s the same age with Mark.
His name is Harvey. – Harvey. – Yes, it’s Harvey.
– Harvey. Harvey. I can’t see Renjun’s face. – You should move back a little.
– Please read the Chinese comments. – Chinese.. – Shall we move to the left a little?
– The filter effect is amazing. – I’ve changed it.
– It’s good. – Taemin is behind us.
– Let’s go with this. Green! Yellowish green! Yellowish green, Tizennie’s color, NCT’s color..
Stop! – Can you hear us well?
– “A prince was born and became Hwang Injin”. – Mother!
– Mother! – Mother!
– We’ll keep doing this. Jaemin is acting but.. Renjun is also a good actor, right? – I was surprised.
– Almost all of Dream members were child actors. – Except me.
– I was a child actor too. – So was I. Uncle. I was so milky back than. – Your still looks milky.
– Now it’s a bit.. Okay. Jeno. This moment that I’m alive.
Lucas! Lucas. – What’s this?
– We are all grown up. Is there a drink called Lucas? “Dream, hello?” – Hello.
– I think the spring has come for Jaemin” Excuse me? Right, the spring has come. The spring has come. I realized the spring has come because.. – There are bugs.
– Let’s move on. – There are bugs? – Bugs?
– I saw bugs. – Where? – Where?
– I saw a bug in the parking garage. It was flying around.
I thought the winter is over. – I really like winter, though.
– It got warm all of a sudden. – It’s so hot. I sweated a lot.
– But you’re dressed like it’s Christmas. – I know. Chenle, please stand up.
He’s a Christmas tree now. How have you been? Shall we read the comments? “Jeno, you’re no fun today as well. Heart” They knew it. – He always is no fun.
– “Ch “What did you have for lunch?” Guess what we had for lunch. Air. We had air. “What are you doing?”
We’re doing V Live. Why? Why? Why? Why? I don’t want to react to this. – Why?Please give me some reaction.
– No, I don’t want to. Really? “Babies, did you have a meal?” It sounds like Haechan, right? “Chenle, what’s up with your pants?” – Chenle’s pants?
– They’re cute, right? “You should eat lunch” “Jaemin is cute” – Who will pinch Renjun’s cheek?
– I will. No thank you. Are we not supposed to do this? – There’s a Chinese musical instrument.
– Tizennie. Right, right. “Na Jaemin, why are you so pretty?”
Tizennie, why are you so pretty? “The spring has come because of Jaemin”
The spring has come because of Tizennie. “I’m so happy to see Dream”
I’m so happy to see Tizennie. – Jaemin, let’s stop reading the comments.
– Why? – You keep looking at the phone, not showing
your face to our fans. – Banned to read comments. You too! Put down the cell phone now. “I want to see “Chen-Ji’s This and That”” I and Jaemin also have a show. – Let’s do it live now. “Chen-Ji-Hae’s This and That”.
– We have a Jaemin-Ren’s Hear and Here. – Here and There.
– Here and There. Do you? When did you do that? – We.. – When we did a game V Live.
– We said that when we did a game V Live. – What? All of a sudden? – Yes.
– Their name is “This and That”. – We are “Here and There”, it’s a cooking show.
– It’s called “Here and There”. It’s amazing. I’m Dooly. They usually give me a reaction. It’s a bit serious. Now we.. – Jisung is a bit..
– Jeno, how could you say that? – He froze.
– I love you. Jisung looks a bit like Pororo without glasses. – It’s time to take off the glasses.
– Take of your glasses. – I don’t know what I’m talking about.
– Me neither. – Pororo. – Me neither. – You’re an angel. – Yes, I am.
– Honestly, it was just no fun. – Renjun is no fun.
– They are the Team No Fun. Everyone, have you ever seen
Pororo without his glasses? – Come here.
– Then I’ll block them. – Stay with me. Come here. Yes, we removed the filter effect. Everyone, are we cute? Are we cute? – “How about “00’s Udangtangtang”?”
– Cute? – “00’s Udangtangtang”
– Udangtangtang?- Udangtangtang. – Udangtangtang is a sound when you fall..
– When you fall. – Or when things fall down.
– A crashing sound. – Oh, Renjun’s good at it. When a window crashes. Did we talk about that?
Was it when we promoted “My First and Last”? – With Chenle, you’re more like Udangtangtang.
– When we promoted “We Young”, – Was it “We Young”? – Back then..
– Renjun pretended to fall. – You remember the time, right? – Right.
– I was so dumbfounded because.. – There was nothing, he just fell.
– Right. Other members were like, “What?” “Are your legs okay, Renjun?” – Did we do rock, paper, scissors? – Renjun lost
a game. – We did rock, paper, scissors. – We played rock, paper, scissors.
– Rock, paper, scissors. When we promoted this song. In 2016. – Right!
– We were doing a rehearsal. – Renjun fell over, out of the blue.
– In fact, we.. – We performed Justin Bieber’s song “Baby”
on the year-end award ceremony. – Cover. – In 2016. – We covered the song with other idols. We were practicing together.
And we played rock, paper, scissors. – The one who lost.. – We did a game. And the
loser was supposed to say I’m shy. – Renjun lost.
– Renjun always loses. – We told him to fall over hard.
– He was supposed to pretend to fall over. – But he actually fell over.
– No, I didn’t. – We told him to fall down.
– He was supposed to pretend. – Really? Everyone!
The heart count reached 13 million! Thank you. – Everyone! – Good job. That was enough.
– Nice timing. Thank you so much. – Thank you.
– I was bored. – My ears. – I was a little bit bored.
– Because they don’t know about it. – I know. – How could you just cut our story?
– You should have told us. – You’re bad.
– Now 170,000 viewers are watching us. – Thank you so much.
– It’s so unfair for the youngest. – Our youngest Renjun’s..
– Cute? Thanks. I made you stop.
I won. – So..
– No! I can’t do that. Our Tizennie says the two of us are
too far away from the camera. Tizennie? Then our beloved Tizennie said. – Jeno, what are you doing?
– Jeno. – Yes. Because they said come closer. Super close. Shall we just remove the chairs? – Shall we just sit on the floor? Kneel down?
– Shall we do a live talk in NCT’s group chat room? You know the talk messenger. – I has a new function now.
– Right. We always do a live chat in our group chat room. I’ll do it now. – If no one comes, it’ll be hilarious.
– I’m doing a live chat now. – There’s Taeyong, Doyoung and Haechan..
– This is amazing. Live chat inside a live show. – Live..
– Renjun singing live. We don’t have a viewer yet. – Zero?
– I think 127 members.. Oh, 2 just joined us! – 2. – What?
– 2 just joined us. Who are they? – Reunjun’s in.
– What? Turn it off and turn it on. – It’s just us. What should we do?
– Really? Hello. – Shall we just do V Live?
– Shall we? – It’s way better to do this with our fans than doing that. – Stop doing it. I have only 2 viewers. Chenle is still doing it. I’ll have it on for now. – 2 joined?
– “Cucumber, cucumber, carrot, carrot” – Cucumber, cucumber, carrot, carrot.
– Nobody is watching it. – Pumpkin. – Doyoung and Jungwoo did
it once. It was so fun. – Green! I was playing a game at home.
And they did V Live without notice. “I want to see Renjun’s cute action” If you’re going to do it,
you should do it alone. If you’re going to do the cute action,
you should do it alone. – There’s only one viewer.
– Open a V Live channel for cute action, – and do it by yourself.
– I know, by yourself. – Name it, “How to like Jeamin”.
– I think it’ll be popular. How to like cute action. How to like cute action?
That’s a good name. – We should watch it.
– I should end this. – Nobody’s watching.
– Zero viewer. – Nobody’s watching it.
– Because we are not popular. Nobody comes to NCT’s group chat room. – I think 127 members are doing something now.
– Right, they probably are. – Or sleeping.
– I apologize. Jaemin says “I apologize” a lot lately. – Because he’s really not fun.
– True. Let’s be fun. If there’s anyone who should be more fun,
it’s you. – Good bye!
– It’s fun. – It’s fun. The average has just gone up. The average has just gone up. – Come here quickly.
– You’re making V Live boring. Come here quick. Come here, quickly. Why is this so.. 5, 6, 7, 8. No, it’s not it. Chen-Ji-Hae..
Renjun and.. – Jaemin-Ren’s Here and There!
– Here and There! – Jaemin-Ren? – Please look forward to it.
– Jaemin-Ren’s Here and There! – What about me? – After I count 3, we all freeze, okay?
– I don’t have a team? – No, you don’t. – I don’t?
– You got caught! – You got caught. – What should I do then?
– Indian Bob. – Indian Bob? – We should hit you on the back.
– You all have shows but I don’t? – No show for you.
– Jeno no fun. – Jeno’s No Fun.
– Jen’s Show. – Super No Fun Jeno.
– Jen’s Show. No Fun Show. No Fun Show. I apologize. – I’m sorry.
– No Fun Show. 1, 2, 3! – Everyone, we are a bit loud, aren’t we?
– Indian Bob. – Why? – Why? – “Ko Ko Bop”
– 1, 2, 3! – You just moved.
– You just moved, too. “Jaemin, give us a spoiler”
About what? – Spoiler.
– Spoiler. – Spoiler. – Spoiler.
– “Please do “00s Udangtangtang” show”. Spoiler! Jisung! Spoiler! Then I’m sponge. Spongebob. Then I’m okokbob. Then I’m cocobob. – It was good. – Right, it was not bad.
– It was good. – It was not bad but..
– It’s just because of Jeno? – It was not bad but.. It was not bad but it’s just Jeno. – He has this atmosphere.
– I didn’t here it. – I didn’t hear what you said. – Chilling the mood.
– Stop being so mean to Jeno. – Chill?
– Chilling mood. – Ssal (meaning rice)? – Bori ssal (barley corn).
– Bori ssal? Then I’m Icheon ssal. Samgyeopsal (meaning pork belly). I won’t play along. – He’s upset.
– I wanted to. I would give him a reaction. “Jeno, you’re fun”. – They say you’re fun.
– It makes me sadder. Don’t comfort him. Don’t comfort me. Everyone, the heart count exceeded 20 million.
On, it didn’t. – Not yet. – Just a little bit more.
– Let’s press the heart. – 2,900. Let’s press the heart, quickly.
There you go. – Go, go, go!
– “Jaemin, please show us your cute action”. – Jeno and Haechan..
– Asking for your cute action. “Renjun, cute action” But Haechan is a bit busy. “Renjun, cute action” A fan asked us to play the mafia game. – We are 5.
– I’ll be a judge. – 1 MC, 1 mafia, 1 cop, 1 doctor.
– It sounds nice, huh? 1 MC, cop, doctor, mafia, citizen. – Right?
– The night has fallen. Close your eyes, everyone. Did you ever see 127 members play this game? No, I haven’t.
Let’s just do it. – I’ve seen it. It was so fun. – I was laughing
to death while watching them. – So was I. Let’s play it. I’ll be a judge..? – I’ll be the MC. – You’re the MC.
– Renjun, you’re not going with us. – Close your eyes.
– 1 mafia, 1 citizen, 1 cop, 1 doctor. – Got it. Okay, so close your eyes. Hurry, hurry. – Don’t make me do mafia.
– I won’t. I’ll pick the mafia. Mafia. Now doctor. Now cop. Now citizen. – Why pick a citizen?
– The night has fallen. Mafia, please open your eyes. – Yes? Who?
– No, not now. Okay. Mafia, close your eyes. Jisung is Mafia? – Hello, the morning has come.
– Hello? – Good morning!
– Good morning. – It’s too bright.
– MC, thank you. – Hello.
– Thank you. – Hello. – Are you mafia?
– You’re mafia, right? You can’t talk now. – I got busted.
– Talk one by one. I’m not mafia. – Then Jisung. – In fact, I..
– If I’m mafia, I can’t hide it. To tell you the truth, I’m a mouse. – Correct.
– What? – I’m not a person.
– Hamster. – I’m a mouse. – It’s cute.
– Now Jaemin. What are you, Jaemin? What will I be? I’m just lovely, cute… – I love Tizennie and..
– Just stop there. Mafia who loves Tizennie? – Mafia who loves Tizennie.
– An innocent citizen. I’m a doctor. – Jeno, what are you?
– Doctor? – Doctor? – Yes. – Doctor? – I’m a doctor.
– Doctor Strange. – You know the speaker, the headphone.
– Doctor, doctor. – “Doctor Strange”? – Doctor.
– Doctor Drill. – Doctor Drill. – Okay.
– Doctor Drill, you know what it is, right? Headphone. I’m sorry. – I’m your doctor.
– Mafia. – Are you a doctor?
– Doctor? – Let’s just pick now. – Hold on.
– I’m the Doctor Drill. – I’m a doctor. – No!
– You go and be a doctor. I’ll be a doctor. Doctor means doctor. Doctor Drill. Have you made your decision? What? – You should close your eyes first.
– Right. – Close our eyes? – I closed my eyes.
– You’re a terrible MC. I already closed my eyes. – Is he mafia?
– To be honest, I sleep with my eyes open. – Eyes.
– MC! MC! Can I ask you a question? – Your hand is sweaty…
– Can I ask you a question? – Who’s the mafia?
– Your hand is sweaty, I mean.. – Close your eyes.
– Why close our eyes? – Close our eyes already? – You are only 4
and it’ll be no fun if we kill someone already. – So, it’s night, right? – It’s night.
– We should sleep now, right? – Yeah. We’ll sleep.
5, 6, 7, 8. Rule violation. – I sleep with my eyes open.
– Come on! Be ready. – Mafia, please open your eyes.
– Let’s focus, everyone. – Who will kill you? – Okay.
– Jaemin. – Now, doctor.
– Yes. Sorry, I answered automatically. – I drooled.
– Do it again. Doctor, who will you save? – Jaemin, what are you doing?
– Got it. Now, cop. I’m sorry. Who.. who is your pick? – It’s taking a long time.
– Cop, close your eyes please. The morning has come. – It’s good.
– Good. There’s no privacy at all. – Hello, Doctor.
– Hello, Cop. – Jisung, you’re dead.
– Hello, Mafia. – Hello, nice to meet you.
– Jisung is dead and.. – Jisung is dead and the game’s over.
– Oh my gosh! Jisung is dead! – The game’s over. – What? He died and nothing happened? No. Jisung is dead. Doctor saved himself, so selfishly. But there’s this game. – It’s okay. 1, 2, 3!
– Except for citizens, the cop and doctor.. – They are like citizens….
– Thank you for your hard work. It’s a job. We have this thing in China.
There are citizens. He’s a citizen and I’m a mafia. If all the citizens are dead,
the mafia wins. – If all the citizens are dead,.. – That’s why I won.
– Right, if all citizens are dead.. – But we can’t play the game now.
– It doesn’t make sense. – As we are only 4, it’s no fun. – We are people.
– Renjun is not a good MC. – A doctor and a cop are people.
– But they are high-ranking jobs. – Citizens have nothing.
– They also have their own jobs. – I mean, in the mafia game.
– They can be a teacher. – Or a doctor.
– He have a doctor here. – In fact.. He’s..
– Out of the blue. – He can be a prosecutor.
– He was a nurse. Orange! Pink pink! Green! No, you should play along. – Cucumber, cucumber. – Cucumber, cucumber,
carrot, carrot. – Carrot, carrot, carrot. Cucumber, cucumber, cucumber
carrot, carrot, carrot. What’s cucumber in English? Cucumber, cucumber, cucumber. 52? 52? Cucumber. It was fun. – Cucumber?
– Cucumber? 52? “Renjun, you speak Korean better than me” They say we are having so much fun. – Right?
– We are used to it. – Good. – It was cucumber in English.
– “Please pinch Jisung’s cheek once” – They ask us to pinch your cheek.
– Cucumber, cucumber. – Did you watch all the episodes of “Sky Castle”?
– You shouldn’t say the name. – Sky Castle..
– Sky Castle. Sky Jisung. Sky Jisung, Castle. The castle where Jisung lives in is Park Jisung. That was my idea. – Park Jisung.
– Cucumber. – Cucumber.
– “Jeno, wink please” My name is Jeno. Dubai News. It was not Dubai News.
It was Korea news. My mistake. They love it. I watched the drama. – You must trust me with all your heart.
– I didn’t watch it. – I just..
– Teacher Cho. – Yes?
– Yes? Honey! – What’s that?
– This pyramid! Pyramid! His voice always cracked. Show them what you practiced. Mama? – This is it, Jaemin.
– Mama? – Hmmm.
– Show us. – Hmm.
– Hmm. Why are you not helping? – Do it.
– Don’t pretend you don’t know. – You know.
– Hey, this…- Is it a secret? – Okay. – It is? Let it be one.
– This is a secret. An eraser in my head. – Secret tactics.
– What was it? – He can only remember things for 7 seconds.
– Fish memory? – Gold fish?
– Fish. – Fish?
– Rawfish memory. – People usually say goldfish.
– Gold fish? Fans called me rawfish memory. – Raw fish memory. – Well,
– Not even a gold fish. – Not even a fish. Raw fish memory.
– That’s good. – Genius?
– 7 seconds. – 7 sec.
– “Looks happy” – Right?
– We are here on Vl live in a while. – I have stuffed nose.
– “Zeno” “Zeno, give us bitten heart” Bitten one? This. Biting it? Not this? Or this? Take a bit from a circle. I saw that. It is getting smaller. Really? – Wow. – It got bigger.
– Zeno. Did you study? – Who is on the phone?
– This one. – He kept sending us text messages.
– I heard it. – 100% Haechan.
– Now he stopped. – Maybe not Haechan. Jaemin?
– No. It is my mom. – Hello.
– Hello. Mom is watching V Live now. “Injun, give us wink” Prince’s wink please. Right. Look at the screen . – Make it cool.
– Wink. – Wink.
– Zeno. – What? – Wink.
– Together. – Prince’s wink.
– This way. – Right? – More confidence.
– Fans do this with us. 1, 2, 3.
Wink. Renjun. – I did it on purpose.
– I wanted it that way. 1, 2, 3! Wink. Can’t let this go. – Okay.
– Make it right? – Good.
– 1, 2, 3 wink. – No sense.
– Zeno. 1, 2, 3!
Wink. Guys back there.
1, 2, 3! – Wink.
– Can’t do it. – Went too far.
– 1, 2, 3 wink! – Fans are doing this with us.
– Camera, wink. Hot. – Hot.
– Wink to the camera? Wink. – What are you doing?
– Wink. Okay. – No fun any more.
– Right. It is no fun. We have been doing this for 28 minutes. – Right, are you not bored?
– Time flies. – Today is Sunday.
– Sunday. – Sunday. – Sunday.
– It is not so hot. Sunday that is not burning? Friday. – Sat.
– No. – Monday.
– Monday. – What are you doing?
– Tue, Wed, Thur. – Fri and Sat.
– Sat. – Saturday.
– Saturday. Monday. Tuesday. Wed and Thurs. – Friday and Saturday.
– We did 28 minutes. – We said that.
– We did. – We did? – You are too late.
– We are almost the opposite. 28 minutes. – You know what?
– What happened? – Time flies.
– 28 minutes. Non sense. – I got goosebumps.
– Really? I want someori kukbap. Sponge Bob. ‘Coco bob’ Then chobap for me. Did you just say sun bap? – You added S to Sun.
– Haechan’s bap. – Haechan’s bap.
– Haechan’s bap. – Ok. Chenle’s sweater is sticking on me. – Not good.
– 30 million hearts. Your fingers must be hurting. Heart is good. – Right, we are okay.
– You, Just have fun. They might get board if they don’t tap it. – We are not fun and at least they can
tap it. – Sorry. We are so not fun. – Thanks.
– Park Ji Sung, how would you color your hair? – I,
– Anything you want? – Some fans are asking for pink.
– It will look good on you. – Pink…We can turn this photo into
pink.- Make pink hair. – Looks pretty.
– It did? – So, I want that.
– Blue might be okay too. Rainbow colors. – That will be hard.
– Red for me. – Have to color it everyday. – What kind of red?
– Silver would look good on you. – Silver for Zeno…- I want that too.
– Ash grey. – I want that.
– Grey. – “Dance to WANT again”
– Hey. This is our routine. “Dance to WANT” – What is it? What is ‘WANT’?
– Taemin’s WANT. – Oh that one.
– WANT. – WANTdance.
– Exaggerated one for WANT. – Exaggerated.
– Xeno, – 1,2, 3?
– WANT. You keep pushing it.
1, 2, 3. When Zeno dances to WANT, – I like that outfit.
– So pretty. That one is the best out of what he wore. – Which one?
– I have been with him for 7 years, – Once in 7 years.
– That long? – The coolest in 7 years?
– I have known for you that long. The best outfit in 7 years. What have you been wearing? – Well, others were good too.
– Jaemin’s favorite. – I liked it. It really brings up Zeno’s body.
– The concept, – I don’t really wear turtle neck sweater.
– I do. But I wore it, – It felt so awkward.
– “Your outfit is so good today” – Good. – “Your outfit is so good today”
– No? Like when you dress a cat , “Your outfit looks pretty” – Pretty?
– The outfit is pretty. Good. The sunshine is so warm.
Getting warm now? – It is a bit hot.
– Getting warmer. But it might get cold again. It was cold yesterday. It fluctuates daily.
It is easy to catch a cold. Then you have to take a medicine.
And you will be in bed all day. – With the electrical blanket.
– Ta Theraflu,Theraflu. – Theraflu.
– Do the yaja time. Start! – Hey, Xeno.
– Injun, – Bring me some water. – Injun.
– No. – The same. – You use banmal all the time.
– In the order of birthday. – So I won’t ask him.
– Really? Injun. – Renjun, now…- I got it.
– Renjun has just started it. – Got it. – I am just following you. Ok. – Following Jisung.
– Jisung bro! Keep calling. Renjun. Runjun. – Renjun, want to eat?
– Yes. No. – Renjun.
– Yes. I can hear it only if I come this close. – Really?
– He might be pretending he can’t hear. – He is pretending.
– Hold on. – I,
– Hey, I don’t hear things well when I am focused. – Right.
– I can’t do multi tasking well. Video is important. Hello. This is a show by Renjun and Xeno. – Rating is negative 32%.
– 320 %. – Gotten better.
– Thanks to NCTizen. – Renjun tv.
– That Renjun tv. It is not even aired. – I worked very hard in Chile.
– You filmed it for a long time. – Renjun…- He did it a lot.
But all are edited. – Nothing left.
– Maybe it wasn’t fun. – Understand it.
– Right, probably it wasn’t fun. – Wasn’t fun for me either. – Right.
– Over 300000 are watching this. Really? Reaction! Really? – Really?
– Really? I remember how hard Renjun was working
in Chile. Chile. Hello, this is Renjun tv.
Hello, this is Renjun tv. – Right.
– All edited. – No fun.
– Haechan must be doing something now. He must be leaving comments. – Really? – For me,
-Maybe not. – Argentina. – Argentina.
– Really? – Showing what?
– Renjun tv, Showing what? – Your handsome face.
– Starts now. – Xeno’s face.
– Hello, this is Renjun tv. – Hi. – Today’s guest is NCT dream.
– Right. Hey, it was Renjun tv. Cut it out when it isn’t fun. “Look for JS25” – JS25.
– You haven’t changed the password? Well,
You caught me? – Yesterday,
– Changed the ID? I watched Jaemin’s Vlive yesterday, “Jaemin, wink please” “Jaemin, you are handsome” – He didn’t do anything? – Nope.
– You did V live? – Yesterday?
– It was you who asked for winks? – I did it twice.
– Really? – How did…
– Did you do V live yesterday? – Yesterday. – You did?
– Did you do V live yesterday? Yesterday? 2 days ago?
Or maybe yesterday. On NCT site? – Fans, let us know.
– 2 days ago. – 2 days ago too?
– 2 days ago. – Right? -Then I will get that.
– It doesn’t show sometimes. It doesn’t show sometimes. “Jisung, do bagaji hair” – 2 days ago.
– Really? – Sorry.
– Fans knew it. Hold on. – What’s wrong?
– Sneezing. Can’t do it. “Black hair for all” “Watch out the fine dust”
Keeping the air purifier, – Wear the mask.
– Run the humidifier. – I get phlegm. – And, you have to sleep?
Fine dust is so bad lately. – Really?- Yes. – No way.
– I warned you. – Warning. – Warning. Really?
– Renjun. Give Jaemin some acting tips. – Mom.
– So cool. – Pretending you are a lot more experienced.
– Molar. They can’t see you. – There aren’t any tips.
– Crown molar. – Caught cold due to fine dust?
– “What are the fuzz on your clothing?” – Same here.
– This is the fashion style. – I should have shaved it.
– Jaemin was busy and is wearing it inside out. Not that, I think as he was knitting, – He didn’t do the right finish.
– I like this one. – Like a beard. – No? Like you didn’t cut it
and call it a fashion out of laziness. – Things you can see.
– Han Daegang. “Dreamy, watch out for the dust”
You too NCTizens, “Give us group hand kiss”
5,6, 7, 8. – We are all doing it.
– What’s hand kiss? – We did.
– That’s hand kiss. Hand kiss. Real hand kiss. – It got quiet.
– All of sudden. – All of sudden.
– 40 million hearts. Now, fingers, – It must be hurting.
– Right? – Or using a machine,
– ” 00 line, have you had drinks?” – Yes – No?
– Of course we have. – Now,
– You got 2 years left. – Right.
– You too. 1 year for me. “Jisung, you weren’t hurt when you fell
from the sky?” Just saw that one. – What is it? – Like an angel from the heaven? – Drip..- Angels..
– Head comes to the floor first since it is heavy? – And my head fell first.
– “Jaemin, when does your drama begin?” Angels fly and you fell. – As flying, the body went upside down
because the head is heavy.
– You are abandoned. Hey. Almost pushed the report button. Brain power Renjun. – Pressed the wrong one.
– Almost. Almost did it. – What? Argentina, Brazil, Russia.
– Hot, no air conditioner there? – Air conditioner?
– Zeno, do some comedy. Chenle said he is hot. Genius? Renjun is genius. – Sweet potato?
– Pumpkin sweet potato? – Pumpkin sweet potato.
– The soup is so salty. – Jisung, you are the best.
– I have stuffed nose. – No, not that.
– Use hands like this. Not that. Pump Pumpkin sweet potato!Pumpkin sweet potato! Pumpkin sweet potato! Pumpkin sweet potato! Zeno, did it hurt you when your wings
were removed? Too brutal! – Scary.
– Anything about me? – Nothing? – Scary.
– Use your imagination for everyone. I imagined a mes. Mes. – BPM is falling.
– Scary. – Make one for me.
– Jelly Haribo. – I am Haribo? – Right.
– Wish I was an angel. Haribo jelly. Haribo. I ate the wings because I was hungry. – Wing.
– I grilled them. – Hungry.
– “Don’t fly away during the show, Renjun” – I can fly him.
– Make me one. I can fly him. – I did it to Sapporo.
– Almost. – Make one for me.
– The earth loves me so much and pulled
me back. Helping each other right? Chenle is the only speaking Haribo
on earth. – Baribojaki.
– Screwed Haribo. Chenle, escaped from the factory. – Escaped from the factory.
– Haribo jelly, Talk about the escape journey. This is good? – Genius. – Jaemin? – Did you see it?
“Save me”? – I ran. – Jaemin, what have you got?
– Escape from a room. – Right. It is on tomorrow. – Save me.
– This is a prison. Save us. – Xeno and Jaemin are the ones to save us.
– Right. – I can’t act this. – Why are you here?
– Then who would save us? – You are gone.
– NCTizen. How? – Mystery lab.
– Escape. Right, when we were filming
the comment, Jaemin said Mystery experiment room
instead of a lab. We had to film it again. I didn’t know. – He kept saying, Mystery experiment room.
– All the way to Busan. KT, – KT, – Jisung.
– KT X-man. – Man,
– Remember? Mentos. S. – Seulki from ‘Sky Castle”
– Slovakia. Nim, Zeno, do you still play the bag game? – 3 rap bag?
– Right, that is mine. I always have something to eat in the bag.
“Who did the game?” and Zeno said “Me”. I played it with Zeno, I won. When you tapped it to get on the bus, It says “Adolescence” but when Chenle tapped
it, it says “Angel”. – Cute.
– Angel. Do the autograph in a convenient store. Don’t like it. Autograph please. No. – “What are you doing at the dorm?”
– Just like this. “Sky castle’ coordinator, Ms. Kim Jooyoung, – Zeno wants to buy a computer.
– Right. He is going to be a homebody. – Bought the desk and chair but the wheels
are broken. – He won’t get out. – Wheels are broken.
– Wheels are broken. – So bought the computer?
– Not yet. – He will be a homebody 5 years from now.
– Want to buy it. He starts playing games from Winter and – By the time he leaves the house, it is Summer.
– Wrapped in blanket , He goes out and “Summer already?” He is still wearing a winter coat but
“What is it?” “Summer already?” So, 00 lines got the lotto? – No. – Not one for me.
– I thought I got one. – No for me. Nothing matched. But, Was it recent? You can get 5000 won if you call
the number I told you. The weather is so nice today. – It’s really…
– I suddenly felt a little drowsy. – I’m a bit tired. – “Please make up a poem
about “How To Hate You”. Here we go, Jaemin.
1, 2, 3! “Nuh”. – Nuh.
– “Reul”. What should I do with “reul”? That’s… When we tease Jisung. Come here. – How to…
– How to… “Reul”. This is all I got. – “Sil”.
– There’s no way to hate you. – “Uh”.
– Ha. – Uh”.
– That is unbelievable. – All of a sudden.
– “Ha”. Haribo ran out of the factory. “Neun”. “Bang”. – There’s no other way.
– “Beop”. Let’s mind the law. – The link is…
– A Ph.D of law. – The link is…
– Ph.D of law. There’s no link at all everyone.
It’s really hard. – It feels like a game.
– This is too hard. – Reul.
– Me too. There’s a game where you make up 38 lines of poems as a penalty
if you lose. – 38 lines?
– Using the Korean alphabet. And you can even make them in full sentences. Doctor of law. Doctor of law. – Doctor of law.
– Doctor of law. – All of a sudden?
– Let’s ride a taxi and eat buffet. Let’s ride a taxi and eat buffet. Let’s ride a taxi and eat buffet. – Good job. – Or.
– “WANT”. – Red carp, green carp and a donkey (word
game). – Red carp, green carp and a donkey.
– What’s that? – (Word game).
– There’s a huge problem here. The tension is going down. – Who?
– Let’s bring on the tension. – Bring it up a notch.
– Bring up the tension. – Bring up the tension. – Come on tension.
– Come on in tension. – Everyone.
– We’ll wrap up now. We’re planning on doing this V LIVE
for 3 hours today. – What’s the time? – We love you.
– We’re just starting. – “We love you”.
– Do you know this everyone? “I love you”. – What else?
– I have work later. Super star. Shooting star. Chen-Ji…
Or Ji-Chen. – I think we’ll have to end early because
of me. – That’s right. – Jaemin is like a super star.
– Yeah, because of you? – If you’re upset, then please blame Jaemin.
– Too bad. – It’s not our fault.
– It’s because of Jaemin. – We’re sorry. – We’re sorry. – That was fun.
– Everyone. – Jaemin is so busy. Because he’s a super star.
– We wanted to do it for a full hour. – Blame Jaemin. – Haven’t we already done
the V LIVE for an hour? – It’s not our fault. – We can do more.
– It’s been 48 minutes. Then we’ll be on for 12 more minutes. – Is that OK? – When do you have to go Jaemin?
– I have to go. – Then you can go first. We’ll be on for
another 12 minutes. – “The actor is busy”. Actor Na must go to shooting. – The director is calling. – I can’t tell you any
spoilers because I haven’t gone on yet. – What are you doing?
– What are you doing? – What are you doing?
– You’re like the middle aged man. – I picked this up on the ground.
– Mother. This guy is almost melting. – It wasn’t a commercial but it wasn’t bad.
– That was cute. Mark. – Restroom selfie.
– Restroom selfie. – Haechan.
– I thought he was making a finger heart. – Haechan was just…
– Everyone. I’ll try my best. – Is your character’s name Daegang?
Han Daegang? – Na Daegang? That’s a weird name. – Na Daegang. – I’m Daegang. – You used to say
“Hi, I’m Na Jaemin” all the time. Hello, I’m Na Jaemin. – It was funny. – It was a good one.
– Don’t speak so casually. – Don’t speak so casually.
– That was how Jaemin’s bad jokes started. – It was the beginning of NCT’s bad jokes.
– He used to say “I’m Na Jaemin” all the time. – It wasn’t a bad joke.
– Then I’m going to be the vinegar. He spoiled it with vinegar. – Nothing else?
– I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to. Then I’ll be the point. Then I’ll be… Don’t look at me. – Sushi? Sushi… – Did you come alone?
– A herbivore? – Herbivores are OK.
– Herb… Herbivores. I’m sorry. – Everyone.
– I let go of the tension. Bye tension. – We let go of the little tension that was left.
– Bye. – You are all… – You have to go back the
factory and I have to go up into the sky. – Let’s go our separate paths.
– Beef? – Sky. – You should eat a lot of Korean beef because
it’s good for you. – Get your wings back on. I’m going to put some on and fly away too. – Jaemin has to go for his shoot.
– What about Renjun? I’ll fly after a performance. – Chenle has to go back to the factory.
– OK. – The lighting is right there. – Are you going
back?- What was that other thing? – The pin lighting.
– The pin lighting that moves. Renjun, the guy that brightens the world. – Brought to you by Renjun TV.
– A taste that had never been introduced before. Brought to you by Chen-Ji. This is a whole new V LIVE.
Is this really a V LIVE or a… 50 million hearts. This was NCT DREAM’s V LIVE. – You have watched Chen-Ji’s V LIVE.
– Ji-Chen’s V LIVE. This was Jaem-Reun’s V LIVE. – This was the Jen Show everyone.
– The no fun show. – “How to Hate You”.
– This was the Dream Show. It’s been a while since we were on
V LIVE, right? We’ll be back soon. – Really soon…
– You’ll be able to see us soon. We’d love to do this more often. – We’ll be back soon.
– “Renjun has such wide shoulders”. – Renjun has such wide shoulders.
– Today’s V LIVE was all over the place – but thank you for watching.
– It’s about time you got used to this, right? Thank you for bearing with us for an hour. – Thank you. – They must have been
so bored to have sent us 50 million hearts. – They sent us so many hearts.
– It’s hard to watch this in public places, right? – We know.
– We’re sorry. If you turn on the speakers when you’re
outside, it’s super loud. And they all just press on the hearts. And don’t watch.
Let’s work hard. – Get some rest.
– Renjun is awesome. – I have no choice but to go to the factory.
– Thank you. – Let’s wink while we say goodbye.
– I’m going back to the sky. – The great actor’s…
– A speech for the reward. – Thank you so much for today.
– In spite of bad weather, and good weather… We love you everyone. OK. Bye. bye. Bye~ While we wink.
1, 2, 3. – Over there. – Not that side.
– Cover this up. 1, 2, 3! – Is that right?
– I’m sorry.