Education System in India // A Rant – Exams, Study Abroad, Placements, Rankings!

November 8, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

The Indian Education System – A system where
you are encouraged till the 9th grade to participate in as many events and competitions as you
can and then when you enter the 10th grade, you just can’t do that anymore! In 10th
you are expected to suddenly be transfixed on your studies and to score well on your
board examinations about which for some reason your uncles and aunties are most excited about. Then you enter the 11th grade, the weird phase
when you can’t decide whether to get yourself a girlfriend or focus on your grades. You
like that girl that sits just across you in class but you are scared shitless because
exams are coming. And the funny part is that no one would ever even ask about your scores
in 11th grade, but you don’t know that yet and of course the ‘adults’ of the society
aren’t going to tell you either and so you focus on tests instead and score very, very
poorly anyways, and get scolded for no good reason. And of course, the girl is now with
the biggest shithead in your class. You also are super enthusiastic about doing
well and cracking IIT because of course, that’s what everyone does, right? and so you join
the local entrance test coaching classes. Then come the most beautiful days of your
life, the 12th grade, where while preparing for and at the same time regretting your decision
for joining the coaching classes, you are also expected by your parents (and the same
uncles and aunties) to be topping in your class because BOARDS are coming! So, you give your boards and entrance exams
but you can’t get a good seat in a good institute because you are not good in maybe
one of the three subjects that you are forced to study, with practically no option to select
from amongst them or maybe simply because the reservation demands that the “backward”
must be brought forward in today’s date where they, of course, don’t have access
to any information, and they, of course, should be able to get into these prestigious institutes
with much more ease than you, fair, right? Nevermind the fact that some seats in these
top colleges somehow still remain unoccupied while there is a desperate crowd trying to
get just one of them and is going through multiple breakdowns about the same every single
day! And oh, something about the entrance exams,
you are expected to only solve 90 questions in three subjects you, of course, have no
control over in 3 hours where each one of them is going to take about 5-10 minutes to
solve. Simple maths, right? You try applying abroad, maybe to Canada,
US, or the UK, but oh, poor boy, you don’t have enough money even if the university that
just selected you is ready to give you a partial scholarship and can change your entire life!
Well we are so sorry but if you think the education ministry is going to help you, no,
no, no, they don’t let GRADUATES go and study out of the country, why would they give
YOU the scholarship? This is a prison and you are trapped!
And now, after being heckled at for not doing too good and after accepting that it was somehow
YOUR fault, you settle for the best option that you have, thinking that life is going
to be a little better now?? And here to make your life better, we provide you with assignments,
and quizzes, and teachers who grade you on the basis of your class participation. Then for four years, you are trying to build
yourself and add important achievements on this little piece of paper called the CV,
licking your way to the top while making very little difference in the real world anyway. Congratulations, you just graduated from the
average Indian university with an average degree. What are you gonna do with it next?
NO IDEA. What happens next is again dependent upon what your parents, your boss, your peers,
or even those uncles and aunties tell you to do. Welcome to the Indian education system,
built on the motivation of money which you are never really going to get, and its efficiency
depends upon how much torture you can tolerate. We hope to see your kids with us in approximately
10 years again!