DIY Toddler Graduation Cap

October 29, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. I hope [y’all] doing good My kids are laying in for quiet time and see my hair, Dora in the background today I’m doing a diy in honor of Miss Chloe Today, it’s her last day of preschool Like I’m freaking out and tonight She will have [her] graduation ceremony, and I pride already But we’re going to try and keep this cool and easy and get this diy done But today, I’m going to show you how to make this cute toddler Graduation cap and I kind of just winged it and it took a little while to film So I might be all over the place, but you get the gist of it So if you want to see me do [more] crafts and diy make sure you get this video here sums up I’ll see you guys in the next video until then stay positive [bye] guys make your graduation cap you’re going to need a Black poster board a ruler some brad’s or breast paper Fasteners as Walmart calls them Some small string of color for your tassel. I’ve decided to make one that’s her dress You’re going to need a fabric measuring tape some scissors a white colored pencil or a regular pencil and a stapler The first thing you’re going to do is make a 10 by 10 square Then just cut it out and place it to the side So [there’s] the top of your graduation hat The next thing you’re going to do is take your fabric measure and go measure your child’s head Normally if you cut a four by [tWenty-two] that works and then just trim it Chloe’s head is a twenty-one inches, so I’m going to cut a four by twenty-one After you got that cut you can put your bigger piece of postcard paper board away And then we are going to work on the [headpiece] After you cut your 4 by 22 or 4 by 21 piece you’re going to fold about an inch down and put [eight] to [ten] triangle Notches in the top And then cut eight to ten triangles in this one-inch piece be perfect or perfectly measured just wing it [and] [with] this you might want to use your hot glue gun [I] did not mention at the beginning But it might come [in] handy for this part now that you’ve got your notches cut time to break out the stapler and we’re going to Fold it and then staple all of these pieces together so fold this over and staple and then we’re going to put glue around this and then put it on top [of] your square while we wait for your hot glue gun to warm up take your square piece of Paper and find the exact center and put your [brad] or pick paper fastener through it Now you’re ready to glue and then once you got that secure. Just take your top Put it what you think look center and start gluing? is how you make a graduation cap if you want to know how to make a Tassel go ahead and click this video right up here to learn how to make that thanks for watching and until next time stay positive [bye] guys