Discover the green campus of the WUR | WURtube

October 3, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Wageningen is known for her green and distinctive campus. It’s the heart of education, research and business. But why is the campus so popular among students? I really like the campus, I like the people, I like how integrated the people are. Yeah I like spending time with my friends, with my classmates. I like that the students and professors can just be friends. I also like the landscapes. I would say the campus is very beautiful, with a lot of buildings, a lot of plants and different species. I think it’s beautiful, there is a lot of space. I like that the campus is open. With a lot of outside area to chill or to study. It’s a very cozy place. I really like to spend my spare time in Lumen, because it is really natural. I can blend with the nature and also feel the fresh air. I feel like it’s really beautiful. I think it’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful place. Yeah, I like it so much! Are you curious about the student life and possibilities on campus? Would you like to see more videos about Wageningen University & Research? Subscribe to the WURtube channel and take a look at the other videos!