Discover Osher Lifelong Learning at the University of Arizona

October 8, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

OLLI is a group of people over 50
who enjoy learning just for the sake of learning. And what I found for me is it’s
a way of keeping my mind active and finding new areas of growth mentally
and it works out great for me. I love it! OLLI is best described as being a
community of learners. We are one of over 118 such lifelong learning Institutes around the country, each affiliated
with a major university. My name is Susan Green. I joined OLLI
about ten years ago and I started out
just taking classes and that evolved into giving some
presentations and then eventually into teaching some classes. I’m very excited
for this upcoming year. OLLI has really changed our lives since
we joined it. It took us a while to join it. We had friends who keep saying
you gotta do this and so we finally did and now we’re
totally hooked. It’s fun. It’s exciting. The people are terrific. You just meet
some great people who share
your love of learning and tackling new projects and learning new
stuff. It’s just terrific. What happened was primarily to
raise the spirit of let’s get into it have some fun