Cottey College ranks as one of the best in the nation

October 1, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

A SOUTHWEST MISSOURI COLLEGE IS GETTING MORE THAN JUST A PASSING GRADE FROM FORMER STUDENTS. IN FACT, IT’S ONE OF THE BEST OF ITS KIND IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. WE FIND OUT WHICH ONE AND WHY FROM KSN’S STUART PRICE. STUART PRICE LUCY WAMBUA COULD HAVE GONE TO ANY COLLEGE IN THE WORLD, BUT INSTEAD THE KENYA NATIVE CHOSE COTTEY COLLEGE IN NEVADA. Lucy Wambua, Cottey Senior, Kenya Native”Cottey is an all women’s college, we do not have those where I’m from so that was a big deal for me to come to a women’s college because I would like to be part of women’s empowerment in today’s society” COTTEY IS AN ALL-WOMEN’S FOUR-YEAR SCHOOL, AND HAS BEEN RANKED NUMBER TWO IN THE COLLEGE CONSENSUS LIST OF BEST REGIONAL COLLEGES IN THE MIDWEST. COLLEGE CONSENSUS COMBINES FEEDBACK FROM STUDENTS WITH RANKINGS PUBLISHED IN MAGAZINES, INCLUDING U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT.Dr. Jann Weitzel, Cottey College President”This is very exciting because what it does is that when students and their parents start looking for the college that’s right for them, Cottey’s name is there and that gives them the incentive to find out more about the empowering opportunities have at Cottey College”Stuart Price, Reporting “Current students say it doesn’t surprise them at all that the school continues to get this kind of notoriety” Miranda Owen, Cottey College Junior, Native of England”The fact that it’s getting more and more recognition that’s just reinstating what we’ve said all along, this is an amazing school and we really want more and more people to come here so they can experience that too” Lucy Wambua, Cottey Senior, Kenya Native”You know it doesn’t really surprise me as much because of the faculty the support that we get here at Cottey, really I think we are at the top because we get the best here, I do not doubt it that we get that spot” IN NEVADA, STUART PRICE, KSN LOCAL NEWS. IN ADDITION TO THE NUMBER 2 RANKING FOR BEST MIDWESTERN COLLEGE, COTTEY ALSO RANKS SECOND FOR BEST COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES IN MISSOURI, 4TH IN THE NATION AMONG WOMEN’S COLLEGES AND 18TH AMONG SMALL COLLEGES NATIONWIDE.