Community, cultural and academic programs support UOW international students

September 13, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

I’m Gayani Gunasekera and I am
originally from Sri Lanka and I am a PhD student with the Faculty of Business and
also I’m an international student ambassador but as an international
student I was very happy with my experience here because I felt supported
I felt secure and I felt looked after and taken care of in terms of my
transition and also my academics so there’s a really broad and diverse range
of activities and events on and programming that we have developed
alongside with our partners to try and ensure that when international students
come and study here that they have access to all of those connections and sharing and
learning opportunities now if someone asked me where your home is I have to
think because Wollongong has become home I guess that’s my greatest achievement
for a student coming from Sri Lanka I don’t hesitate to say that UOW and
Wollongong is home so that’s another achievement.