College of the Ozarks Tour of Pensmore  09-18-2014

College of the Ozarks Tour of Pensmore 09-18-2014

October 11, 2019 3 By Stanley Isaacs

so it’s a pretty interesting project it’s basically a living laboratory is what it is there’s a lot of testing being done with it the deal thermals and they’re gonna put than the other he’s got an observatory up top here that opens so it also goes through the other side you’ll see it when we’re down there we don’t have any of the stone or that finish on the walls yet the roofing is pretty much in place the windows are in and we’ll talk a little bit more about it when we get down there but that particular wall system we’ve got another house we just dip down on cable rock or by Lampe and it’s a six inch concrete wall so it’s half what that wall thicknesses but we’ve got radiant in it and matter of fact we’re looking at everybody this is buddy well we got a group going going through and don’t like me I want to make sure they didn’t like the glans varieties which they come from some island somewhere