College Forum 2018:  What is the best part of college?

College Forum 2018: What is the best part of college?

August 27, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

– I love the whole school spirit and having such a big campus, and kind of being able to
go to different sports games and just being able to
meet so many people. – I’ve been completely blown away at how cool it is to have a large city. So, be in a large city and
have it so close to you. – It’s a large campus, there’s
so many different people that you meet, there’s
so many different clubs that you can join. I think there’s over a
thousand different clubs. – Meeting a lot of new people and always being around your friends, I think that’s one of the greatest parts. – People that I’ve got to meet throughout the entire
country and the world. I’ve known people from
California, Oklahoma, Ohio, South Korea,
China, India, Bangladesh. – I would say just the
overall, a new opportunity, just being able to meet new people. Kind of go out, explore new things. – Being in a bigger city
and kind of being exposed to things that you wouldn’t
really see in Minnesota. – Started off the year by doing
our pre orientation program where I went camping with
a group of 10 students from the school, and
probably six or so of them have become some of my closest
friends at this school.