Coastal Now – US News Rankings

September 23, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

This year’s US News and World Report College Rankings are out. We are very thrilled with the results. Coastal Carolina University placed highly in the rankings in seven categories. What I saw in those rankings was that CCU is committed to its students. Placing well in the US News and World Report rankings can have a significant impact. This is a high-profile event that happens every fall and it happens at a time when high school students in particular are starting to think about where they are going to apply to school. These rankings provide a lot of information to help people weed out the various schools and try to determine what is the best for them. People pay attention to the US News and World rankings and so, you know, we’re just very, very excited about how we came out this year. Most impressively, for the third consecutive year, CCU ranked second in the Best Value category Among region universities in the south. That’s, to me, one of the most important things that we can be recognized for. I think we should always stay on that list, because that’s a sign that we’re paying attention to our costs. Coastal also landed on a new list, top performers on Social Mobility. That evaluates how schools best serve under-represented students, especially those receiving Pell grants. What that showed for me is that CCU very much is committed and is striving to provide an opportunity for all of our students to succeed. Coastal pays particular attention to social mobility through special assistance to those from lower socioeconomic groups, many of whom are first generation college students. That’s a great list to think about if you want to consider the larger mission of a public university. The social mobility ranking pairs well with the accolades for being a best value school. It’s a great combination. The social mobility can’t happen if you’re pricing people out of the quality education that’s here. The rankings also gave high marks to Coastal for the way it treats veterans who are pursuing higher education. We’re there to be that one-stop shop for them and that customer service really drives that excellence behind what we do. CCU was named to the list for best colleges for veterans. To be ranked in the top 25 is just absolutely a great step toward where we want to be. There was a jump of eleven spots from last year in the overall regional universities in the south category. Coastal also placed near the top in categories such as, most innovative, best undergraduate teaching and top public schools. What I see is a theme that runs through all of these rankings that really comes back to the quality education at a very reasonable price. Few will decide to attend Coastal based solely on the US News and World Report rankings, but the attention should inspire many to take a look at CCU. We have such a beautiful campus and once we get ’em here, they’re hooked.