City Life in Leeds as an International Student

September 11, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

[MUSIC PLAYING] {?_{?_[MANDARIN]_?}_?} I’m
Mi-Ni, and I’m from Taiwan. One reason I chose Leeds
was for the city itself. And when I first arrived,
it felt a little bit like a mini London. It’s not too big
or too small, so it helps me balance my academics
and student life very easily. I’m a major foodie, so I try
all different kinds of food. There’s always different
activities I can explore. So, when I first came,
I went to escape rooms, there’s golf, bowling,
rock climbing. Having different people
helps me experience university life in completely
different perspectives. I preferred Leeds because
it was so close to the city, but it doesn’t lose
that university vibe. Leeds has a good culture
between a historical environment and also a modern society. Everyone that comes to
university, they all have this fear that you might not fit in,
it might not go as you planned. But I think, as long
as you realise that everyone’s actually feeling
the same way that you are and you’re not alone in
this, talking to people, having that access and support
from university and friends and family, does help
you overcome that fear. It’s both overwhelming,
it’s going to be scary, but it is something that’s also
going to be probably the best time of your life. [MUSIC PLAYING]