Chinese international students supported with community, cultural and academic immersion at UOW

September 24, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

My name is Xinru Wang and my role is a Treasurer in CABLE. Umm, Our uni is very diffrent. We have a Chinese Community support for our students. So once they arrive here they won’t feel lonely, cause we are here to help them not only to start their new life here but also to improve their academic performance. So there is a really broad and diverse range of activities and events. Umm, and programming that we have developed alongside with our progress to try and make sure that when international students come and study here, that they have access to all of those connections and sharing and learning opportunities. Having those communities in UOW is very good because it can help them to get involved into the local community and to step out their own zone. Studying in a different country is not that difficult it is quite easy and we can make them to have a more wonderful life in here as well.