Child’s Dream Matches Penn College’s Mission

September 8, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Narrator: A 9-year-old’s dream matches reality’s
need. A need addressed by Pennsylvania College of
Technology. Trevin Allen: I’m Trevin Allen and I’m a tomorrow
maker. Narrator: The fourth-grader hopes his tomorrow
includes computer design, preferably for the plastics industry. Instructor: You can feel that; it’s still
warm. Narrator: As part of a class assignment, Trevin
articulated a dream inspired his father, Lucas, a Penn College graduate who works in the technical
services department for SEKISUI SPI, a global leader in thermoplastics and a major supporter
of the college. Shannon Munro: When I read what he had written,
I thought it would be really good to bring him to campus to actually show him what he
put to paper. Trevin Austin: I kind of want to work where my dad works at SEKISUI SPI. Because they start with something very small
and turn it into something very big. I think that’s kind of cool. That’s pretty cool. Narrator: Cool was the word of the day as
Trevin toured plastics labs, explored computer aided design with architecture majors and
went to work in the college’s new makerspace. Trevin: I built a boomerang from just a piece
of wood and I sanded it down and it’s pretty cool. Shannon Munro: Where his interests are are
perfectly aligned with what companies are saying they need right now. He actually said that he was interested thermoplastic
sheets design. Narrator: Penn College is one of just a handful
of schools offering accredited plastics degrees and is home to the Plastics Innovation and
Resource Center, a globally recognized leader in plastics education and training for companies. Shannon Munro: Most of our programs here at
Penn College, our students have multiple job offers before they graduate. In many cases in the plastics program, some
of them have opportunities in their junior years. Eve Vitale: There is so much need in the plastics
industry right now for workforce. So we have to get students aware of the fact
that there is this great opportunity. Being at Penn College is amazing because they
have a wonderful program. Just a lot of opportunity, and we need young
bright minds. Narrator: Enter Trevin Allen. Trevin Allen: Cool. Instructor: So how do you think we did that? Brennan Wodrig: It was amazing how much knowledge
he already knew about the plastics industry. Obviously from his dad. He’s one of those absorbents. He’s like a sponge. He likes to grab at anything and he relates
to it somehow. Lucas Allen: He’s leaps and bounds beyond
I ever was at that age. That’s awesome that he has this desire to
follow in my footsteps and kind of one-up me, hopefully. That’s every parent’s dream. Shannon Munro: It’s interesting to see a young
person his age who is able to articulate what his aspirations are in the future and the
need to get an education and that those education pieces are critical to be able to work in
whichever career he chooses. He’s just an amazing young man. Instructor: Then we start that whole process
over again. Trevin Allen: Cool. Lucas Allen: He likes to talk. I’m sure he’s going to be excited to relay
which may spark an interest in someone else. Trevin Allen: It was the greatest day, and
I’m going to tell them every last think I did. Narrator: For PCToday, I’m Tom Speicher. Trevin Allen: Pretty cool.