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1. Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology

[MUSIC PLAYING] Stanford University. This is BIO 150, isn’t it? OK, just wanted to make sure. So we start off with a scenario. 40-year-old guy– quiet, suburban life. Married 15 years, two kids, 3.5 dogs. Everything’s standard. Everything’s going wonderfully. And one day out of nowhere, he punches somebody in the face at work. Totally…

By Stanley Isaacs August 23, 2019 100

What to Expect at Military Colleges

Speaker One: They’re learning how to be leaders, in what I like to call a leadership laboratory. And they learn from those experiences day in and day out. Speaker Two: The leadership experience that you get here, it’s not just theory. You put it into practice, and you can’t really find that many other places.…

By Stanley Isaacs August 23, 2019 2