Career Ready Skills  at Community Colleges of Colorado

Career Ready Skills at Community Colleges of Colorado

August 25, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

(lively music) Woman: Community colleges
provide that hands on and real world experience
to their students while they’re being educated because not only
does it custom tailor and better educate the students
while they’re in class, but also delivers a more highly and specifically-trained
student. I spent five weeks being exposed
to all facets of the industry and had a blast doing it. Upon graduation from
the community college, I was employed and have been
working there ever since. Man: I have always
wanted to be a doctor. Getting an internship
in a community college helps you to prepare
for the real world and the competition ahead. It also has helped me
to reaffirm my dream. They prepare you all the
way until you get there, and I think that is
really fantastic. Woman: If students that
are doing internships or work studies
before they get out, they already have
that extra leg up because they already have
some experience in the field. Woman: Employers
love student who have had an internship
or service learning, so they’re acquiring an
excellent work ethic, and they’re being immersed
in their chosen career, being able to practice
that information. With an associates degree, they can then go into
the world of work and earn a very, very
good wage for themselves and really have a much
higher quality of life.