Canadian law students at the University of Kent in the UK

September 9, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

We work closely with the Canadian
community at the University of Kent and that’s because we support them in their
academic studies but also we enjoy supporting them for when they go back to
Canada to work as lawyers over there The Canadian Law Society first of all
focuses on making Canadian students feel welcomed. A lot of them come here
without any family or any friends in Canterbury so we try our best to bring
the Canadian students together one of the things we try to do is give them
guidance so the upper years have gone through the first year and can actually
tell them what opportunities there are on campus and what they can do to be
more involved with societies or the Kent Law Clinic or just anything in general
on campus. The main thing that did make Kent stand out was its rankings and it’s delivered. And the Canadians. And the Canadians are a large population. It makes us feel at home yeah having kind of a family away from your family.
It’s great because like a bunch of us from different parts of Canada who’ve never
met before come together and like you create a bond and like we all are the
same pace, same passage, so we all help off one another.
The Canadian student community at Kent when I was here from 2012 to 2014, it was active, it was close.
You had a good mix of students here in my time here we had people from Toronto, we had people from the Maritime, we had people from Western Canada so you had a whole good reflection of Canada and it was a group that was tight. Having
that opportunity stands out and it’s memories for me that I’ll never forget
no matter what career I reach with the Bar and in the future and it’s
something that I take like that is a unique experience that made law for me
something I’ll never forget and wasn’t just another degree to take.
One of my friends attended Kent and spoke very highly about it. Once I’d researched
more about Kent I just read nothing but good stuff about it; this includes the
Canadian Law Society it was just the right decision because I knew that if I
came here I wouldn’t be alone because I had a community to reach out to.
If I had to do it all over again without hesitation I would come back to Kent.