Can We Block Trump In The Electoral College? Is It A Good Idea?

August 15, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Hey guys, welcome back to Think Tank. Hannah Cranston here with Sebastian Ridley-Thomas. Sebastian is on the California State Assembly for the 54th District. He is also a Millennial. He is the youngest member of the State Assembly, and he is part of Generation Woke. And today, he is going to be helping us answer some questions that we have about the election and about the transition of power. And I think a lot of people are wondering about December 19th, right? And you’ve seen a lot going on about people questioning whether the electors will sort of do what they’ve always done and choose how the electoral college chose, or if they might mix it up a little bit and vote for the popular vote and put Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump. Do you think that is a viable option?>>It is not likely, because electors are bound typically by two ways. And the states that would be required to flip the election in favor of the popular vote are bound by their electors by either a party pledge, which is a legally binding agreement to say if you become an elector on behalf of the state of Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin or Michigan, then you must vote as the popular vote of that state occurs. Or the political party does the same. So it’s either state law or political party that binds electors to the decision of the popular vote of that state. Hence why 99% of the time, the electors follow the state vote, not necessarily the broader popular election. So if they were to not do that, they would be in violation of either state law, in the state that they were an elector for, or a party pledge in the party that they->>Associate with?>>Associate with or were appointed by.>>Okay, and so then what’s the point of the electoral college?>>Well, the electoral college is an antiquated system.>>Amen.>>That is long overdue for a 2.0.>>Right.>>Or for abolishment. That’s why I’m glad United State Senator Barbara Boxer introduced a bill just yesterday, I think, to abolish the electoral college.>>Okay, but we have the electoral college, and we think it’s antiquated, right? But if the electors just vote with the electoral college, then what’s their purpose?>>Well, I mean the system was designed to, because we have very strong states. And it was a compromise after the Articles of Confederation, where states were too powerful versus the federal government, and before the current system that we have, states issued their own currency. They had sovereignty over trade agreements and it was a very difficult system. It took several years to change that before we get the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence and the deal, if you will, was that the electoral college would suffice. It also advantaged agrarian and slave holding states, because they had population but they had not enfranchised most of those who voted. So it is an antiquated system. It is unfit for our time. But for this election, unfortunately, that cannot change.>>Well guys, let us know what you think about the electoral college and if you think that it would be a good idea for them or likely that they will switch their votes despite their electoral college on December 19th in the comments down below. Be sure to follow Sebastian @SebastianMRT for all of his political expertise, and we’ll see you guys then. [MUSIC]