Cal Poly instructor demonstrates product that could revolutionize fire prevention in California

October 14, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

But the problem with roadside fires
is that they kind of go ignored. They go on ignored. They don’t they’re not seen as
a significant problem as they are. That’s the problem with roadside fires. We have a product called fortify, which is designed to kind of be
that in between, that step between complementing what’s already done, like
roadside milling or vegetative clearance. This is what you see along the road sides. This is considered what is
called dry flashy fuel, and you can see that it’s very dry and
very flammable. You can even hear how crispy it is. And this what really presents
the threat to road sides. It’s not necessarily even the larger
vegetation that presents a threat. It’s the light flashy fuel cuz when you
have the ignitions come out there’s a micro gram ignition. They’re very difficult to find,
but it’s so hot or so superheated that they’re able to
engage this light fleshy fuel and this light fleshy fuel once
it engages it propagates. And it goes into and
is able to act as kind of a kindling to ignite the neighboring
larger woody vegetation. Here, this is actually fortified. It’s white because the actual
active ingredient scatters light, it’s got no dye in it. And we’ve also utilized no biocides or
any sort of preservatives in it because we want it to be the most
environment safe possible. You would obviously spray it from like
some sort of hydro cedar truck or something like that. And it gets onto the vegetation. And as you can see it,
it just sticks really well. Vegetation, it’s maybe
difficult to see but when it sticks and
it dries it creates an impervious film that even after half inch of
rain still remains available for to perform to reduce
over roadside ignitions.