Brandman University Working to Address California Teacher Shortage

October 2, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Did you know that California is facing a critical
shortage of teachers? More students, more teachers retiring, and
fewer people becoming credentialed have all added up to a shortage thats been predicted
since 2007 But, the Brandman University School of Education
has been prepared, as we learned at this recent education job fair in Walnut Creek
We’ve got 14 school districts here from San Fransisco to Alameda County, Contra Costa
County, and Solano County and they’re here hiring Right now we’re looking for multiple subject, math/science, and some multimedia positions
and fine arts as well We have a lot of academies in our high school
that are wall to wall We have a full multimedia academy as well
as bio engineering and design so we have a big opportunity and wide variety for any teachers
that are interested in our district The event was open to anyone, not just Brandman
students and alumni, that’s part of the non-profit mission to serve the community
I’m about to finish my single subject teacher credential at Cal State University East Bay
and here I am, about to enter the job market and so I’ll be finished in a couple months
now, looking for a place to work These job fairs bring local school districts
looking to hire directly to campus but also smaller independent charter schools like the
Mare Island Technology Academy Today we’re looking to fill English and technology,
intro to technology position So we’re looking specifically for English
credentials and any kind of credential that could step in and teach technology
Have you been able to hire any Brandman students? Yes we have, and we’ve had a good level of
success with both Brandman students that we have and also the job fairs, these have been very
productive for us At the Walnut Creek job fair there were more
than a thousand open positions ranging form single subject to special education, substitutes,
specialists, administrators, school psychologists, and more
California will need thousands of new teachers in the next few years
But thankfully we have universities like Brandman and we have new students that are going to
be coming out with their credential starting in May and June so we are looking forward
to the awesome opportunities of whats headed our way
If you are interested in becoming a teacher, California needs you
Brandman University hosts job fairs like this throughout the state as well as information
session on how to become a substitute teacher For more information visit Brandman dot edu
forward slash calender